How To: Make a Minimalist Business Card
Don't crowd your business cards with boring text and uninteresting graphics. Let the basics do the talking.

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Minimalist design is experiencing a huge revival. Minimalist advertising can be elegant, functional, timeless and can evoke ideas of integrity and coherence, qualities that most professionals should be aiming for.

Here are five tips for making a business card that’s professional and sleek, all with a minimalist touch.

If this is your first business card, you will probably want to include all sorts of things in it to show your ambition and competence. However, minimalist design doesn’t need exuberance to impress. Its strongest point is in its restraint.

Most of the elements you would tend to add to your card’s body are not actually necessary to attract future clients. You just need to keep the essentials.

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The business card’s main purpose is to provide potential clients with a way to get in touch. Your personal information must be there, but don’t fall prey to the temptation to add anything that’s not necessary (see Step 1).

A few lines containing your name, title, area of expertise, and your contact details will be enough to provide people just what they need.

How to Make a Minimalist Business Card 2


Typography plays a crucial role in design. In minimalist designs, typography is often used as the main focus, but you must select the right typeface to achieve desired results.

Simple fonts are the best choice. Alternate serif and sans serif to introduce movement and variation while avoiding anything blatant, clumsy or childish.

How to Make a Minimalist Business Card 3


Colors should be chosen accordingly. The business card’s palette should not suffocate the design, but integrate it.

Redundant color schemes will ruin the general feel of the card, so avoid using more than two or three colors. If you want to enrich the palette, choose shades of the same hue instead of introducing new ones.

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The material used is important for all business cards. Thick stock should always used over thin paper because it is more durable.

Textured or specialty papers are an excellent way to bring out the beauty of a classy design. Other effects, like relief printing, can also help the final effect. You can always find a variety of stocks and effects through online printers.

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Minimalism is all about subtle details and balance of positive and negative spaces. Mastering this balance is not as easy as you might think, so be aware that blank space can have more impact on the viewer than excess graphics. If you want to create a compelling and refined business card, don’t forget that sometimes “less is more.”

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