How To: Make a Motivational Poster
You can make a motivational poster! We believe in you!

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We have all seen the adorable kittens, popular athletes and brave rock climbers on motivational posters in offices and websites all over. They can be serious, funny, cute or inspirational, but they certainly are popular.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to make a poster that is beyond motivational!

Decide what your message will be. You can start with an image to inspire the message or choose an inspirational word and find an image to match.

Tip: Many inspirational posters use famous quotes.

How to Make a Motivational Poster 1

If you don’t already have an image to use, search the Web. If you started with a quote or message, use a keyword to search for a good image.

Tip: If you are printing this poster, you will need to get a high resolution image. I recommend 300 DPI.

How to Make a Motivational Poster 2

Start with a black background using whatever software you prefer.

Center your image in the middle of the black background. Leave room at the bottom for the text.

Tip: You may want to put a border around the image to add some visual interest.

How to Make a Motivational Poster 4

Motivational posters tend to have a central theme or title. It should be larger and bolder than the rest of the text. Insert this right below the image.

How to Make a Motivational Poster 5

In a smaller font, type out the inspirational message or quote you have chosen to go with your theme. Insert this right below the title.

How to Make a Motivational Poster 6

Make sure the picture and text is aligned properly and there are no spelling mistakes before printing.

How to Make a Motivational Poster 7

Now that you have your own motivational poster, take it to a printer, email it around or just print out a copy to hang in your office. Make them for friends or co-workers. Create ironic or funny inspirational posters for a few laughs.

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