How To: Make a Multilingual Brochure
Make a brochure as diverse as your client base.

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For those who work in specialized industries like tourism, attracting diverse clientele is a crucial aspect to your business. Even though English has become one of the most common languages, having brochures in a tourist’s native language can have a great impact.

Here are some things to consider for making an effective brochure aimed at a diverse audience.

Step 1. Advertise the Brochure’s Multilingual Features

The first thing you want to do, when making a multilingual brochure, is to let people know you offer multiple languages. This seems pretty obvious, but the truth is that, unless you clearly state it, they will hardly notice.

How to Make a Multilingual Brochure 1

Feel free to add national flags representing the languages covered inside the brochure, such as on the front panel. This way, potential readers will be attracted by a flag they can recognize and will be drawn to the brochure immediately.

Step 2. Make Sure It’s the Correct Translation

The worst thing you can do is print an awkward translation. Double-check the content (with two or three native speakers if you have to) in order to avoid a translation fail.

How to Make a Multilingual Brochure 2

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Language accuracy is fundamental, so avoid sloppy renditions at all costs. Investing in a professional translator — and proofreader who you can trust with your content — is important.

Step 3. Organize the Content

Organizing the brochure’s content will help readers maneuver and understand your main points more easily. People should be able to read your promotional leaflet comfortably without having to search for information in random spots.

How to Make a Multilingual Brochure 3

Even if you don’t intend to feature all of the brochure’s content in multiple languages, make sure you at least include a translation for all the main highlights and most important details. You should also strive to make the brochure engaging and informative in each language.

Step 4. Add Photos

In general, pictures are one of the most important elements in brochure design, and you should use them on your multilingual brochure. Overall, photos and illustration concepts complement the brochure’s text.

How to Make a Multilingual Brochure 4

Photos can also create a bridge across languages and cultural gaps. Remember the motto, “A picture is worth a thousand words”? To rephrase it, a photo is definitely worth thousand languages!

Step 5. Insert Infographics

Infographics represent a condensed visualization of data. In layman’s terms, they are an excellent way to convey complex information that would otherwise be hard to translate — thus, overcoming language barriers.

How to Make a Multilingual Brochure 5

Take a map for instance: It shows, in simple visual terms, how to get somewhere without the need for long and difficult explanations. Using infographics to sum up content and guide readers to a specific location is a great alternative to text (and will save you lots of time).

Embrace Diversity — With Your Brochures

Creating multilingual brochures is usually recommended for businesses aimed at attracting a linguistically diverse customer base. Even though using English can be the easiest and quickest way to get your message across, providing a more comprehensive service to your potential clients can be beneficial to your business’ growth.

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