How To: Make a Mustache Sticker
For those who can't grow a real one.

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Not everyone can grow a mustache, but everybody can stick a fake mustache on their face. Making your own sticker will take less time than growing a real mustache. Plus you won’t have to worry about grooming it.

If you want to know how you can mustachify your life without facial hair, then keep reading.

Launch your image editor and create a new document. Use the Pen tool to draw the shape of your mustache. It’s best to choose a simple shape because cool graphics are best for stickers.

How to Make a Mustache Sticker 1

If you don’t want to make your own mustache sticker, you can download royalty free graphics from stock images repositories.

Filter your search by the keywords and type of graphics you’re looking for, and take the time to explore until you find something you like.

How to Make a Mustache Sticker 2

Once you have your mustache graphic ready, create a document with the same size of your sticker paper sheets.

Fill the new document with copies of your mustache so you’ll be able to print more stickers at once. Leave enough space around the document’s borders to avoid cutting off parts of the design.

How to Make a Mustache Sticker 3

Print your stickers on your inkjet sticker paper. When you are done, apply the laminate over the printed sheet to make the stickers shiny and resistant. Cut out the stickers with your scissors, trimmer or precision knife.

How to Make a Mustache Sticker 4

Don’t forget to be creative and experiment a little. Try several mustache styles and use different colors.

You can print more designs on the same sheet of paper to make the hairiest collection of stickers you’ve ever seen!

How to Make a Mustache Sticker 5

I can’t help you grow a real mustache, but stickers can do wonders! If you need a mustache quickly, this easy project is perfect for you.

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