How To: Make a Poster for a Pageant
Pageants are fun and elegant, so your poster should reflect that!

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For many spectators, attending a beauty pageant can be as exciting as taking part in it. That’s why making a good poster for the pageant is very important.

If you want to make an eye-catching poster that will give both contestants and their following something to dream about, go ahead and read this guide.

There are many poster formats you can choose from. For this type of project, I recommend a standard poster size – either 11 inches by 17 inches or 18 inches by 24 inches.

These are considered medium-sized posters. They are big enough to be noticed while being easy to handle and attach around most spaces.

If your budget allows, you can make multiple posters by adapting your content to different formats.

However, it’s better to start with convenient and realistic specs and expand later.

How to Make a Poster for a Pageant 1

Images are the first thing people notice, so they should create strong expectations.

To be irresistible, graphics should be striking, relevant and polished.

Colors are a way to reinforce the power of images and colorful posters are more attractive than black and white ones.

How to Make a Poster for a Pageant 2

Simple messages are the best and the ones that will be remembered.

The headline should be clear and visible. It should not compete for attention with graphics, but it should sustain and expand their meaning.

A few well-thought words will be more eloquent than a long and complicated statement.

How to Make a Poster for a Pageant 3

Besides your headline, you will have to add the rest of your information. This is a poster for an event, so you have to tell people what this event is about and where and when it will take place.

Basic contacts like a URL and email are required. You can also include details about ticket prices and special guests, but remember to keep it as brief as possible.

If there are sponsors for the event, they will want to be on the poster as well.

How to Make a Poster for a Pageant 4

People reading your poster don’t want to get lost in a bunch of words. A plethora of words may be what you have in mind, but they will make the poster lose its impact.

In a promotional poster like this, you have to be concise. A few words and attractive images will get the message across much more effectively.

How to Make a Poster for a Pageant 5

Attending a pageant may not be exactly like winning it, but you want attendees to experience all the excitement of the event anyways — it all starts with a good-looking poster.

Sample image by Robynlou Kavanagh. Edited in Photoshop CC.

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