How To: Make a Poster From a Photo
Turn your photos into masterpieces on the wall!

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Many of our favorite photos today live online. We have them on our social media pages and stored on our hard drive, but we don’t print as many photos as we used to.

However, technology makes printing photos very easy, and you can use this to your advantage by making poster-sized prints with special effects or text.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to take a photo and turn it into a poster.

When working with prints that are larger, it is important to make sure your image is at least 300 DPI or of high resolution. To view the resolution, select File and Properties and look for the DPI number.

When selecting an image, keep in mind that a good poster image is visually arresting, but you should also avoid clutter in the image.

TIP: Photos you download from the Web are usually not high resolution. Photos from a digital camera typically are.

How to Make a Poster from a Photo 1

If you have some type of photo editing software, take advantage of this by touching up the photo.

You can remove red eye, crop out parts of the photo you don’t want, add text or create other special effects.

How to Make a Poster from a Photo 2

TIP: Be sure any text you add is a contrasting color to the image and is legible.

There are so many online printers to choose from, so you want to pick one with good ratings and reviews. (We’ve sorted through a ton of them ourselves. Check out our comparison tables.)

Also, many drugstores such as Walgreens and Rite Aid offer these services that you can upload online and pick up in the store.

How to Make a Poster from a Photo 3

Most photo uploaders are the same. Select upload photo, choose file and then select your image from where it is stored on your computer.

How to Make a Poster from a Photo 4

There are many poster sizes you can choose from. Consider the space you would like to hang the poster when making this decision.

How to Make a Poster from a Photo 5

At this point, you can finish up the process by selecting a finish (usually matte or glossy) and the method of delivery.

How to Make a Poster from a Photo 6

Now that you have the method down, you can see how learning this process will be useful for a whole bunch of different occasions. Create posters for parties, reunions, trade shows or personalized gifts.

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  1. it looks likle the image your using is old, but can you do this well with an old phot?

  2. I have tons of pics that would make great posters for my room! Such a neat ideaaaa

  3. Kenny Austin
    Kevin Austin (

    Great question, Doug. Old photos make great posters! A vintage look can really add a lot of value to any piece,.

  4. Kenny Austin
    Kevin Austin (

    Lips – That’s great! Making posters can be a really fun, and cheap, DIY project!