How To: Make a Poster That Catches Your Eye
Passers-by won't be able to take their eyes off your poster.

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How many times have you stopped in front of a poster to look at it in wonder, totally mesmerized by it? How many times have you wondered what made that poster so intriguing? What are the secret ingredients a designer needs to create a poster that will truly attract people? Well, here are some tips to get you started.

The first aspect to consider for making a great poster is a winning concept. If the idea behind the poster is engaging and powerful enough, conveying it in a convincing manner will be much easier.

However, sometimes is not clear from the beginning what the core idea of the poster is about. A poster needs a focus in order to work, so you have to spend enough time researching and forging the idea before you proceed.

How to Make a Poster That Catches Your Eye 1


Great posters usually feature breathtaking graphics, the kind that are impossible to ignore. Posters can represent a creative trial for the designer: Attractiveness and originality are both essential. But just picking a few good images may not be enough. You also have to illustrate your concept in a way that will surprise the viewer and make an impression.

Both images and effects should complement one another. Finding the most appropriate style for a poster can take time, so don’t rush things and don’t be afraid to experiment with different combinations.

How to Make a Poster That Catches Your Eye 2


Words are an important element in posters, and so is the absence of them. Eye-catching posters often use words to suggest a message rather than to explain, and the textual information they give away is just enough to make the viewer want to find out more.

A great title or tagline and a few other details will work better than a long-winded description. Type is both a substantial design element and the obvious bearer of the poster’s message, so take the time to select fonts carefully. Avoid unreadable fonts, and make sure to provide good contrast between text and background.


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Prominent visuals and wording have their importance, but blank space can be communicative, too. Determining the best placement for each element will indeed make a difference.

Using space is as important as picking the right graphics and writing a memorable tagline. Before anything else, trust your eyes. If the content flows smoothly from one element to the next, it means your poster is fulfilling its purpose. If not, make adjustments until it does.

How to Make a Poster That Catches Your Eye 4


As a poster works on a more subtle level than other promotional publications, you are not supposed to use it as a comprehensive announcement. Posters have the advantage that they can tickle imagination without giving away too much.

You have to avoid confusion in people, but at the same time, you have to arouse their curiosity. A strong title, in combination with the right graphics, will definitely be more meaningful than a long and tedious poster with no visual appeal whatsoever.

How to Make a Poster That Catches Your Eye 5


Posters occupy a special place among promotional materials and they are particularly effective when they manage to challenge the onlooker. A solid concept, expressed through captivating visuals and stimulating wording, is the means to win the audience’s attention.

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