How To: Make a Product Brochure
Your product won't succeed without a good brochure.

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What kind of brochure is best for your product, and how do you create it? How do you present your product within the brochure to make it more appealing to potential clients?

These are some of the questions I’ll be addressing in this how-to article.

The graphics, text, colors and type of brochure should all work consistently.

What makes your product stand out, and how can you bring forward its best features? Who are your customers, and how can they benefit from choosing your work over that of your competitors?

A successful project starts with careful planning, and this is where your project should start, too.

How to Make a Product Brochure 1

If you want to communicate through beautiful color spreads, a booklet is an excellent format and is fairly popular where products are concerned.

If, on the other hand, you mostly want to display detailed information and use visuals as an accessory, the classic two- or tri-fold brochure is suitable.

How to Make a Product Brochure 2

Select colorful pictures and edit them in Photoshop or in an equivalent program to make them more attractive. Choose a striking picture for the cover, and then crop out elements that aren’t necessary.

Highlighting pictures will win the readers’ attention and give them an idea of your product’s merits, and distributing the images around the brochure will reinforce your words.

How to Make a Product Brochure 3

The text should be easy to read. Split the heaviest paragraphs into smaller sections and balance them with graphics. Make use of taglines and lists so your audience will get a positive first impression even at a glance.

Typography doesn’t have to be taxing on the readers’ eyes. Provide contrast between words and the background and limit your selection to two or three fonts.

Select basic fonts for the main bulk of the text, leaving the creative effects for titles and taglines. Use your software’s text tools to try different combinations of font faces, sizes and colors.

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One of the brochure’s strongest points is the flexibility of its space. Each panel can hold different information, in visual and written form, and all of the panels provide an overview of what you are promoting.

This being said, you should make the front as appealing as possible. The front panel is the single most important panel in the brochure, as it represents your introduction. If you fail to draw people’s attention, you will lose their interest.

How to Make a Product Brochure 5

Designing your brochure is mostly about knowing your clientele and tailoring the promotion of your product to their needs. Balancing all the elements of the brochure will be much easier once you have a good grasp of your goals.

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