How To: Make a QR Business Card
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You know what’s everywhere these days? QR codes. They make transferring information as easy as a couple of clicks on a Smartphone.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a QR code for your business card.

Business cards are passed out often and may not last long, but if you put a QR code on them, you provide a quick way for people to receive and store your contact information.

Search for a free QR generator website, such as

1 How to Make a QR Code Business Card

Select the vCard tab and fill out your contact information as you would have it on your business card.

2 How to Make a QR Code Business Card

Change the size to about 500 pixels, a good size for business cards, by clicking the slider underneath the QR code.

3  How to Make a QR Code Business Card

Click download and save to your computer.

TIP: Be sure to note where you are saving it.

Now you that you have your QR code saved to your computer, you can place it in your business card design just as you would a logo or picture, or you can send the file to your online printer.

5 How to Make a QR Code Business Card

The QR code generator displayed here is a basic contact information code, perfect for quick interactions and business networking. It can be used in many places other than your business cards, such as advertisements, store fronts and more.

Search the Web for QR code generators that are more detailed. Some can even direct customers to multiple web pages. You can also have QR codes designed in interesting shapes and colors.

However you choose to design or program your QR code, placing one on your business cards will portray you as a current, innovated and motivated professional.

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