How To: Make a QR Flyer
QR codes can take your business to the next level.

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Quick Response codes, also known as QR codes, are two-dimensional codes that store information in a fast and practical format.

QR codes can be used by all kinds of companies: Users just have to read the given code with their smartphone to be connected to the business and access their promotions. QR codes are free to use and have acquired impressive popularity recently.

Read on to learn how to create a flyer that includes your custom QR code.

Before creating the flyer and the code to go with it, you should spend time shaping your campaign. Define your targets and goals.

What kind of promotion are you offering? What kind of customers do you want to attract? What makes you stand apart from the competition?

A cool idea will help you create an interesting flyer and will persuade people to scan your code for your services.

How to Make a QR Flyer 1

Depending on what the flyer is intended for, you will have to choose a different format and set up your document accordingly.

Smaller sizes (4” x 6”) are ideal for fast distribution. Large flyers (11” x 17”) are best for displaying in public places.

However, the standard 8.5” x 11” or 5.5” x 8.5” will do. For scanning purposes, smaller formats are preferred to larger ones for QR codes.

How to Make a QR Flyer 2

Your first requirement is making your flyer captivating. You want to attract people with it and invite them to scan your code!

Choose graphics carefully and keep them relevant to your offer. Make sure information is exposed clearly. Colors should be tasteful and provide contrast.

How to Make a QR Flyer 3

To get the code for your flyer, you can try one of these code generators: QR Stuff,, Kaywa, BeQrious, Microsoft Tag, Chrome QR Code Generator (Chrome extension) QR Droid (Android) and Qrafter Pro (iPhone/iPad).

Most generators offer the same basic features, but some have more options, like the possibility to alter colors, include background images and so on. Yes, QR codes can also be visually enhanced to be more attractive!

How to Make a QR Flyer 4

Visuals should be prominent and the message direct. Don’t forget to find an adequate spot for the code.

Choose a placement that will take nothing away from the rest of the flyer, but make sure it will be immediately visible and easy to access. Keep all the important elements away from the document’s edges.

How to Make a QR Flyer 5

Striving enterprises, old and new, should embrace new technologies to bring their services closer to their clients. Considering the popular use of smartphones, incorporating a QR code in your flyer will definitely help you promote the image of a business whose priority is connecting effectively to its customer base.

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  1. wow, i have seen flyers and other ad things with these qr codes on them before. neat idea.

    • Harold Fishman (

      QR Codes can really be a cool feature to any promotional material you put out. Smart phones are everywhere now!

  2. QR Codes have been around for more than 20 years now … If you are not using them in advertising, business cards, or correct customer information … You are an antique. Just be sure you use them correctly … Why put a QR in an email? Or an online advert? Not too small to scan, not too large to loose ad space … Research is key