How To: Make a Restaurant Flyer
A good restaurant flyer is a mixture of important information and mouth-watering images.

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Using flyers to promote your restaurant is a great idea, but not all flyers can get your message across. To make an effective flyer, there are many things you have to consider.

First of all, you need to know what makes your services stand out. Then you have to know whose tastes you’re appealing to.

This guide will make it easier for you to come up with a compelling and inviting flyer for your restaurant.

A good size for your restaurant’s flyer is the classic 8.5” x 11”, which is great if you plan to print it yourself or if you want to use an online flyer printing service.

A smaller flyer sized 4” x 6” may work well too, especially if you plan to use it as a discount coupon. Bigger flyers would be impractical to hand out.

How to Make a Restaurant Flyer 1

The images you choose will be the whole focus of the flyer. Keep the graphic side of the flyer simple. Don’t add too much in terms of quantity, but you should be ambitious in terms of visual quality.

The flyer doesn’t have to be a substitute for a menu, but it should be a little teaser to make people’s mouths water. Make that juicy steak photo speak to them!

A bunch of low quality images taken with your basic camera will not do. It’s better to stick to a single image, but that image should be very attractive and colorful.

Keep it realistic. The food has to look natural to be appetizing.

How to Make a Restaurant Flyer 2

People want to know what you are actually offering them.

Is it a discount? Is it a special menu on certain days of the week? Is it excellent ingredients from local producers? Is it authentic, exotic meals? Is it food for a niche, like vegans or people following a special diet for health reasons?  Is it all these things together?

You want your readers to know right away. Highlight your distinctive services by writing them clearly and making them easy to spot on the flyer.

How to Make a Restaurant Flyer 3

How will people interested be able to find you? Where is the business located? Do you have a phone number, a website or email where they can contact you if they need to make a reservation? Do you have a Facebook or Twitter profile to keep them updated with special offers on a daily basis?

All these details should be on the flyer to make the clients want to stay in touch.

How to Make a Restaurant Flyer 4

If the flyer is not sufficiently organized, people will not want to read it. You need to guide the reader with a good layout.

Be sure to make the visuals dominant by giving them a central placement. Bring the essential information to the foreground and make it big and engaging.

Complete the page with the rest of the details without making them compete for space. Don’t be too wordy. Only a few words will stick, so make each of them relevant.

How to Make a Restaurant Flyer 5

It’s not hard to win people over through their stomachs, but you need to exceed your clients’ expectations. Take a look at your competitors’ restaurant flyers to know how they approached their own customer base and be open to learning from their strengths and weaknesses.

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