How To: Make a St. Patrick’s Day T-Shirt in InkScape
Here's how to make a St. Patrick's Day T-shirt any leprechaun will be jealous of.

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Grabbing a traditional pint and having a jolly time may be all you need to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, but a customized T-Shirt will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

But there should be more to your T-Shirt than the color green — so why not make it unique?

In this tutorial, we will show you how to design your own St. Patrick’s T-shirt in InkScape!


To make your T-shirt easier to design, you can make a preliminary sketch on paper. Sketches are a great way to pre-visualize a design. You just need a sheet of paper and pencil.

After drawing, you can easily import your sketch into your computer by either scanning it or taking a photo of the drawing. The sketch doesn’t need to be accurate, but it does need to give you an idea of the composition of your final artwork.


Start by creating a new document. It’s better to make the document a standard size, like 8.5” x 11”. The orientation depends on the kind of design you have in mind, but usually a vertical orientation (portrait) will work best for T-Shirts.


Open your sketch in InkScape. Copy and paste the sketch into your new document. You will use it as a reference.

With the draw tool, trace over the sketch, trying to make it as precise as possible, but don’t worry too much if the tracing is not very accurate. You can move the nodes of your outline after you finish tracing (in which you’ll use the edit paths tool).


After you’ve created the outline of your design, you can add color to it. In Object, select Fill and Stroke.

From the Fill and Stroke panel, you can choose colors and gradients to fill blank areas in your image. For a more cartoony and colorful look, you can turn off the stroke, leaving just the fills on.


In the same way as you have proceeded to this moment, you can add more details to your basic art or even type in some funny text. Grab your bright, blank T-Shirt, print the design on transfer paper for inkjet printers that you can iron on the fabric and then enjoy!

InkScape is a great alternative for people who want to design their own T-shirt but don’t want to pay for expensive software. All you need is your creativity and blank T-Shirt – well, the color green, of course – to make your St. Patrick’s Day outfit stand out.

Edited in InkScape. Stock illustration by freepik.

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