How To: Make a Sticker for a CD
Creating mixed CDs is awesome - until you can't remember which CD is what. That's where sticker labels come in handy!

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If you burn CDs on a regular basis, you probably know how useful it is to label them. Sometimes a casual scribble with a marker is enough, but when you want something a little more pleasing to the eye, you can make and print your own sticker labels.

Here are some tips to make the whole process easier – trust me.

There are a number of applications that will help you make CD stickers. Some of them are freeware or available through fully functional trial versions.

For the others, you will have to pay for a license. A few of the popular ones are: Sure Thing, Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker, Label Factory, Disketch, Office Printer.

For all the Microsoft Word and Publisher users out there, the easiest method to make labels for CDs is to customize one of Office’s ready-to-use templates that either come with the software or that are available for free though’s library.

How to Make a Sticker for a CD 1

Besides downloadable applications, there are several online printing services for creating labels without the need to install anything on your computer, such as Mediaface’s Label Maker and Avery Design & Print Online.

These services will also offer assistance during the printing process.

How to Make a Sticker for a CD 2

If you prefer to make your own label from scratch, you can use an image editor of your choice (programs like Photoshop, GIMP, Picasa, Illustrator or Inkscape).

If you want to save time and effort, you can download a blank template and use it as a guide. A lot of templates are optimized to work with standard sticker paper.

How to Make a Sticker for a CD 3

The simplest way to print the labels is to get CD sticker paper for your printer and prepare your design so it is aligned with the sheet. If you are using templates, the hardest part is already figured out.

To make sure everything will turn out right, take the time to test on plain paper before printing the actual stickers.

These days there are so many varieties of paper you can use to decorate and label your CDs. They range from basic matte paper to glossy and metallic papers, and they all achieve different effects.

CD sticker paper comes in convenient packs of adhesive sheets that are usually compatible with most inkjet printers. Many types of paper are also suited for laser printers.

Usually they’re already set to work with label-making software, but you should always check the specs for compatibility. Each sheet holds two stickers and is easy to align, print and apply on the CD’s face.

How to Make a Sticker for a CD 4

Many manufacturers produce pre-cut self-adhesive sticker paper. This kind of paper is a cinch to apply, especially with the aid of a label applicator — a tool you should consider getting if you plan to regularly make stickers for your CDs.

Once you have printed the label, peel it off the sheet and position it with the sticky face up. Then put the CD on the same device and apply pressure.

Don’t forget to protect the CD with a plastic disc to make sure not to leave any fingerprints on the other side. That’s all it takes.

How to Make a Sticker for a CD 5

Custom labels are not only useful for organizing data, but they are also a stylish way to make your media look good. With the help of templates and adequate paper, personalizing your CDs will be super easy.

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