How To: Make a Sticker from a Photo
Making a photo sticker is a unique alternative to smiley faces and gold stars.

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So you want to make a homemade sticker? Well, I have to tell you it’s pretty easy.

All you need to make your own stickers from a photo is sticker paper, an image, a computer and a printer.

Now let’s make some photo stickers!

Make sure you know how you want your sticker to look. Consider the image you want to make into a sticker, think about what kind of text you want to use, if any, and how to make it pop against the photo you’ve chosen.

Also, purchase the sticker paper at any office supply or craft store. No sticker paper means no stickers.

How to Make a Sticker from Photo1

Open the photo you have saved on your computer. Make sure the resolution is at least 300 DPI. You want a high resolution for a high sticker quality.

If you don’t want to add text to your image, you can skip to step five.

How to Make a Sticker from Photo 2

If you choose to add text to your sticker, you can open a Microsoft Word document, insert the picture and add a text box.

TIP: Use a text color that is contrasting with the background color and a font that is easily legible.

How To make a Sticker from a Photo 3

You can change the size and font in the Home tab. You can also change the format of the text box (remove border or background, change the text box style) in the Format tab.

How to Make a Sticker from a Photo 4

With your photo open in Windows Photo Gallery (or whatever image viewer you use), select Print from the drop-down menu.

Make sure you select the size you want to print and the highest quality photo paper to get the best results.

How to Make a Sticker from a Photo 5

If you chose to add text to your sticker, click on the windows icon at the top left of the screen in Word and select print.

When the print menu appears, select Properties to adjust the quality and paper type before printing. Remember to select the highest quality print and the special paper!

How to Make a Sticker from a Photo 7

There you have it. Making stickers from photos is super easy, and now you can get creative with your stickers and find the right printing service for your needs. They make great gifts for teachers or grandparents and definitely will entertain kids. Have fun!

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  1. Used this to make a sticker of my two kids to stick on some birthday party invitations we were sending out. thanks!

  2. it’s cool that you did that in word, like so many other ppl i don’t have photoshop

    • Kenny Austin
      Kevin Austin (

      MS Word surprises a lot of people at it’s capability to help create a lot of different things, including stickers!