How To: Make a Sticker in Word 2007
With this quick and easy tutorial, you can learn to make effective stickers that will satisfy yourself, your clients or your kids!

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Even as an adult, I absolutely love stickers. They’re great for kids, advertising and decoration.

What’s more, you don’t have to be a graphic designer to make your own sticker.

If you have Microsoft Word, sticker paper (which you can purchase at any office supply store) and scissors – you are on your way!

Before you begin your project, take the time to plan out what you want your sticker to look like, what kind of content you will use and what kinds of sticker illustrations you want to integrate into the design.

How To Make a Sticker in Word 2007

When you print on sticker paper, your design can be anywhere on the page and you make the cuts after it has printed. Some sticker paper will come with templates and clip art to use.

TIP: Select narrow margins to give yourself more room to design.

How To Make a Sticker in Word 2007

Place your images and/or illustrations within the design area. Select the Insert tab and click Picture to pull up the location of the image you will use.

TIP: Make sure any images you place in your design are at least 300 DPI for the best results.

How To Make A Sticker in Word 2007 3

You can add borders or create a custom shape by using the tools in the Format tab.

TIP: When considering a custom image, remember you will have to cut it out, so be confident you can cut the shape before you change it.

How To Make A Sticker in Word 2007

You can place text in your design by selecting the Insert tab, clicking on Text Box and then choosing the Simple Text Box. Double check for spelling or grammar mistakes.

TIP: Use a text color that contrasts with the background color and select an easily legible font.

How To Make A Sticker in Word 2007 5

You can change the size of the font in the Home tab. You can also change the format of the text box (remove border or background, change the text box style) in the Format tab.

How To Make A Sticker in Word 2007 6

How To Make a Sticker in Word 2007 7

When you go to print, select Properties and change the paper and the print quality to photo for the best results. Print only one at first to make sure everything prints correctly.

How To Make a Sticker in Word 2007 8

Now you have your own homemade sticker, and it was super easy. Take your sticker-making knowledge and have fun with it.

Make positive and motivational stickers for kids’ chores, create a sticker that can be used in many places that displays your website name, or use stickers as an organizational aid.

Whatever the purpose, you can now make them easy and customize them in your own home!

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