How To: Make a T-shirt for Babies
Making a T-shirt for your baby couldn't be any easier, just look at these five steps.

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I think it’s safe to say anything that comes in miniature form is cute, like small bottles of ketchup, Pug puppies, and baby T-shirts. T-shirts are very easy to make, so why not give it a try? These steps will show you how.

Precise measurements are not 100 percent necessary for a T-shirt. However, basic measurements will come in handy.

For the shirt’s length, measure from the base of the neck to the waistline. For the bust, wrap the measuring tape around the chest under the arms. Make sure to allow some extra space for comfort and hemming.

You can also follow general size charts for children apparel that you can find online.

How to Make a T-shirt for Babies 1

For the fabric, you can either adapt an adult’s tee or purchase the necessary material from a store. Choose soft, high-quality cotton, not flimsy fabric. This way the tee will retain its shape and will fit better. Also, higher-quality fabric will be more suitable to print a personalized design on.

Using your measurements, proceed to draw the shape of the T-shirt on pattern paper. If you are good at freehand drawing, you can draw directly on the fabric with chalk. Cut out the front and back of the shirt and the sleeves, and then sew the various parts together, making sure not to forget the hems.

How to Make a T-shirt for Babies 2

Once the T-shirt is ready, you can think about its design. You can either design the artwork yourself or browse a stock image repository and choose something to customize your baby’s shirt.

In both cases, keep it colorful and eye-catching and add a slogan if you want. Remember to make a T-shirt that will compliment your child’s personality.

How to Make a T-shirt for Babies 3

Buy iron-on transfer paper compatible with your printer from a supply store and use it to print your design. If orientation is a requirement, flip your artwork horizontally before printing it.

After printing, lay your T-shirt on an even surface and smooth out all creases. Position the iron-on sheet carefully on the tee with the artwork adhering to the fabric. Move the iron along the transfer paper slowly and let it cool a few minutes before peeling off.

How to Make a T-shirt for Babies 4

If you’d prefer a more streamlined experience (don’t want to deal with all the sewing, printing, and ironing), consider using an online printer. These are some sites that will print your design on a T-shirt for you.

How to Make a T-shirt for Babies 5

You don’t have to be a professional tailor to make a kid’s T-shirt. If your shirt doesn’t turn out right the first time, don’t worry about it. It’s always good to have a spare T-shirt or two, and you’ll just get better with time and practice. Plus, you might find you actually enjoy making unique apparel for your baby.

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