How To: Make a T-shirt for Kids
Make a T-shirt your kids will like by asking them for help with the design!

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Picking out clothes for your kids is never easy. They never agree with what you want them to wear, and you have trouble keeping up with the latest trends. However, it’s hard to go wrong with a classic T-shirt.

Here are five tips for making a T-shirt your kids are sure to love.

The style and artwork you pick is important, but color is the key to creating a cool T-shirt your children will like. Color is an immediate center of attraction, and this is especially true for kids’ T-shirts.

First of all, the usual boring white T-shirt is not all that appealing. Try different hues: pastel pink, baby blue, lime green and so on.

If you are designing your T-shirt, take the time to prepare a suitable color palette for it. And don’t forget to think about the personal taste of your kids — they have to like what they wear, after all.

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Coming up with the right design can be time consuming, especially if you’re not that good with graphics.

If you want pretty artwork without the hassle, start by searching on Google. Many artists generously offer freebies on their sites or on stock repositories and will let you download their creations to use in personal/non-commercial projects.

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Designing your own artwork or customizing the one you have can be fun and you have more control on your final product.

Use the image editor you are comfortable with to work. If you are at ease with raster graphics, use them. If you are good with vector art, go for it.

Keep the design colorful and try to make it funny. Choose anything your child likes as the main subject. Add to the artwork a message as a final touch.

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All you need to bring the design to your shirt is an inkjet printer with enough ink, inkjet transfer iron-ons and the T-shirt you intend to use. Inkjet iron-ons are easy to buy from any craft supplier, but you must check the paper’s specifications and your printer will match.

When the artwork is ready, print it on your sheet of transfer paper. Then with a warm iron, apply it to the shirt’s fabric, making sure before to smooth all creases.

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If you can’t or don’t have time and resources to print at home, the best option is to find an online printing service. Online printers will let you upload your personally designed/selected artwork and will ask you to choose color and size of the T-shirt.

They usually have very reasonable rates and they process orders quickly, so you will have your T-shirt delivered in no time.

How to Make a T-shirt for Kids 5

We gave you the tips. Now all you have to do is use your creativity to make the T-shirt.

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  1. fun idea! always looking for new projects like this!

    • My son loves taking a blank t and drawing and pasting all sorts of stuff on it. But then he wants to wear it while were out ! 🙂