How To: Make a Travel Brochure
Your customers will get the travel bug after seeing your travelicious brochure.

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Every now and again, I pass a window display or wall of glossy, colorful travel brochures, covered with images of snow-capped mountains or tranquil beaches, and they get me dreaming. Those brochures are a person’s first contact with a particular destination or travel service, and it’s important to make a good impression. You want the brochure in a potential traveler’s hands to influence that person’s decision to become a customer.

Follow these tips to create a travel brochure that not only will give people something worth dreaming about, but will also make them want to fulfill their dream.

Before starting to work on the actual advertising, you have to know what your campaign is going to be about. Your message should be clearly defined before you pass it on to your audience.

  • What makes your destination or local business unique?
  • What kind of people will it appeal to?

Work hard to highlight the most memorable features and develop your ideas.

After you decide what your goals are, begin writing your content. Keep your content relevant, concise, straightforward, and don’t confuse your readers. You should be as clear as possible to provide them with all the necessary information.

Put yourself in the visitors’ place and tell them what their experience will be like. You may even want to conduct a few interviews, asking potential travelers what kind of information they’d want to see in a travel brochure.

You want to focus the content on their experience. Try to make them feel welcome even before they make the trip.

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As important as your content is, visuals are what will capture your client’s attention. Good photos are worth the investment: You may want to consider hiring a photographer. Select beautiful, colorful, engaging photos that show off the best parts of the destination.

If you are tight on time and money and need just a few images, you can contact one of the many available stock photography agencies and see if they have anything that is relevant to your local business.

Make sure to choose only high-quality pictures. A poorly exposed and composed scene will be detrimental to your business; the same goes for a low-quality image. An unattractive photograph can kill enthusiasm and interest in your potential visitor. Attractive images are definitely your most crucial requirement.

How to Make a Travel Brochure 2

Choosing a captivating color palette is also an important aspect in the creation of a travel brochure. Consider what kind of travel you’re offering when you choose a color palette.

For example, different shades of blue suggest a relaxing holiday; green is the best for evoking a strong contact with nature and vital energy; yellow, oranges and other warm colors bring to mind excitement and fun; neutral colors like browns and greys suggest luxury and stability.

Don’t stray from your theme, and try to focus on an unequivocal message to create harmony throughout your brochure.

Choosing the right colors may be hard, but online tools like Kuler and the Color Palette Generator can help you build your ideal palette from scratch in minutes. Remember that the photos you have selected are a good place to start to choose the most appropriate colors for your project.

How to Make a Travel Brochure 3

Now you have both your written and visual content and a thematic color palette. But how do you blend them together effectively? Since this is a travel brochure, make sure images are dominant, but also that crucial information is clear and accessible at first glance.

Try to create balance between all parts and arrange every item so the result is both aesthetically pleasing and easy on the eye. Divide the text into small paragraphs and choose readable typefaces. Fancier fonts can be applied to headlines and call attention to specific fragments of your text but shouldn’t be used extensively.

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If you plan to distribute your brochure only digitally, you can skip this final tip. However, if your brochure is intended for printing, there are a couple of important things to keep in mind.

Work with the CMYK color mode rather than with RGB to ensure a more accurate color rendition in print. For even better results, saving the project in a printer-friendly file format such as PDF.

How to Make a Travel Brochure 5

Creating a travel brochure is primarily a question of offering people not only something they want, but something that excites them. An engaging and informative brochure will ultimately broaden your audience and add value to your business in the near future.

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