How To: Make a Travel Flyer
A good travel flyer will send the customer to faraway lands and romantic destinations with just one look.

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People are always on the lookout for new and interesting offers and ideas for their next vacation. A good flyer can give consumers enough information without being too demanding.

Travel flyers are easy to make. All you have to do is follow this short guide and you’ll be on your way to making an effective flyer that attracts those travel lovers out there.

Launch your image editor and create a new document. A good standard size is 8.5” x 11,” so use these measurements for width and height. Set your resolution to 300 pixels per inch and choose CMYK as the color mode.

How to Make a Travel Flyer 1

Travel flyers are mostly about showing people something that turns on their imagination. Putting them in the right mood by using beautiful visuals will increase your flyer’s potential and your offer.

Your background image should be alluring and explicative of the kind of services you can provide. Combining more images together is another common approach in travel flyers.

How to Make a Travel Flyer 2

Don’t fill the flyer with too much text. The flyer is usually a good way to give potential travelers a taste of your services. Add a few lines and give people the most relevant information.

If you have a website, add these details so people will be able to visit your site if they want to know more.

How to Make a Travel Flyer 3

You won’t need more than four or five colors to make a beautiful flyer. Limiting your choices will keep your flyer consistent. It will be easy to keep your palette consistent by using your flyer’s images as a reference.

How to Make a Travel Flyer 4

You now have all the basic elements you need. To maximize the impact of your flyer, make the images truly prominent and use the text to inform and call people to action.

If you have a headline, place it where it will be easy to spot. Make your contact details readable.

When you think you are done, step back and take a look at your final flyer.

Are there any typos? Is there too much information to handle? Are the graphics visible enough?

Is the flyer attractive overall? Would you find the offer interesting if you were a customer?

If there is anything that doesn’t look convincing, take the time to make the necessary changes.

How to Make a Travel Flyer 5

A traveler’s dream begins with a good promotional campaign. Your travel flyer is not only about you, but it’s also about your clients.

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