How To: Make a Tutoring Flyer Worth Handing Out
We'll tutor you to the best tutoring flyer with this tutorial!

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Want an efficient way to advertise your services and get people’s attention? That’s what flyers are best at!

Tutoring flyers don’t have to be boring. I’ll show you how to make a flyer that’s attractive and gets the job done.

Graphics can be a trigger for people to choose your tutoring services over others. Graphics give your flyer a certain punch by making it more interesting and more professional looking.

Select something that can  effectively speak for you. Don’t pick a random image (however nice it may be) just for the sake of having a picture on there.

If you have a logo or a monogram, place it in a prominent spot so it can make you recognizable. If you want to make a nice impression, use quality graphics. If you can’t, it’s better to focus on the text.

How to Make a Tutoring Flyer 1

The flyer should tell people about your skills and area of expertise. Give readers the information they want by talking about your background so they know they can really trust your competence.

How to Make a Tutoring Flyer 2

You know your strong points, but it takes the right approach to let others see what you are offering them. Not only do you have to show you are knowledgeable, but you also have to show how you are prepared to transmit this knowledge to others.

  • What are you offering?
  • What can you do for the people reading your flyer?
  • Why should they get in touch?

Can you answer these questions? If you can, you should have no problem turning your flyer into an efficient promotional tool.

How to Make a Tutoring Flyer 3

Since contacts are as important as the overview of your abilities, your name, phone, email and an address, if needed, should occupy a significant amount of space.

Tutoring flyers are about establishing a relationship with others, and people interested in what you do should be given the means to reach you right away.

If you conceal your contact information somewhere where it will be hard to see, your potential clients will end up looking elsewhere.

How to Make a Tutoring Flyer 4

Don’t forget the flyer should be concise. All the information should be offered in a very open and simple manner.

Don’t use redundant or childish fonts that will make the flyer look pretentious or ridiculous. Instead, go for clean typefaces that will be easy on the eye.

How to Make a Tutoring Flyer 5

To make a tutoring flyer that works, trust your eyes and put yourself in the shoes of your potential clients. Look at the flyer with a little detachment, and never forget to have the right attitude.

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  1. thank you!

  2. What is the best font to use?

    • Kenny Austin
      Kevin Austin (

      The best font will vary depending on the style and look that your flyer has, as well as the program you are using to design it. There are many simple and common fonts, such as Arial, Helvetica, Impact, Tahoma, Veranda, and Times New Roman that should be on all programs and are simple and clean for most flyer designs.

      I would recommend trying out a few of the options that you have, and see what looks best to you and a friend. Good luck!