How To: Make a Yard Sale Flyer
It doesn't have to be hard to make a flyer for your yard (sale)!

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If you want to organize a successful yard sale, distributing a flyer can be an effective way to spread the word and get people excited about finding all of the great bargains you have to offer.

In this tutorial, I will help you make a simple, colorful flyer that you can use to spread the word about your upcoming sale.

Start by creating a new document sized 8.5 inches by 11 inches, with a resolution of 300 pixels per inch for printing. For this tutorial, I am creating a vertical flyer, but you can make a horizontal flyer using the same specs.

TIP: If you are looking for some inspiration to help you get started, check out these great yard and garage sale flyer ideas!

Step 1 - Starting the project

Step 1 – Starting the project

Every flyer needs a quality background. In this tutorial, I am using a texture image of grass, which is bright and colorful and will provide nice contrast with the rest of the elements in the design. After opening the grass image, we copy and paste it into our new document.

TIP: With selection and transform tools, resize and move the image until you are satisfied with the way it looks.

Sep 2 - The foundation

Step 2 – The foundation

After the background is ready, start working on the foreground graphics. Take a quick look around the Web for free images to use. I found stock photos of vintage toys and accessories form a few free image repositories.

Bring them one by one into the document and with the polygonal lasso tool, remove part of their backgrounds to make them look like cutouts from old magazines. With the selection tool, move the various objects around the flyer document to create a nicer composition.

TIP: Adding a drop shadow effect will make each image and cutout pop more.

Step 3 - The main graphics

Step 3 – The main graphics

Choose the same cutout style for the headline of the flyer, and then use a suitable font for the rest of the text. I found stock images of various posters on the Web from which we cut out letters with the polygonal lasso tool, moving them around, resizing some of them and applying rotation to make them little more authentically messy.

TIP: Be creative here. Try out different images, texts and effects until the headline stands out to you. The last thing you want is an unattractive, unnoticeable headline.

Step 4 – Writing the headline

Make the headline very big, but make sure the rest of your text also is readable.

The flyer must be brief and to the point. In it you must include the most essential details about the sale, such as its place and time. Contacts, such as email, social media links or a website, can be useful if people want to get in touch, so don’t forget about them.

TIP: Want to add tear-off tabs to your design? Check out this great tutorial.

Step 5 – Final touches

This flyer is very versatile yet simple enough to design without too much trouble. It can be mailed, handed out and distributed through a variety of channels and will definitely add to the success of your yard sale.

You also can use it as a small poster to be attached around to advertise for your sale. Keep a digital format to share via email and to post on blogs and social networks.

Good luck selling!

Edited in Photoshop CC. Images by bgfons, kyso myruso stock, freeimages.

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