How To: Make an A+ Graduation Invitation
Go from grade school invites to graduate school invites!

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Not only is graduation about celebrating your hard work, but it’s also about sharing the joy with your loved ones.

With the help of our tutorial, you can make a cool invitation for your graduation ceremony and party so everyone will want to attend!

Let’s start by making the postcard’s front. Create a blank document sized 7 inches on the longest side and 5 inches on the shortest one, in CMYK mode and with a resolution of 300 pixels per inch.

These document specs will be used for the front and for the back of the postcard.


You should only use high-quality images that are good for printing. Import them into your image editor and use transform tools to adapt the photograph to your document. The photo should occupy a prominent spot, so keep it big or use more pictures in a collage.

I recommend having the pictures taken by a professional or by a friend who has experience with a professional camera. Amateurish snapshots just won’t do. If you can’t afford this, or if you don’t know anybody who can help you, remember creating a photo invitation is not the only style available. Text-only postcards also work very well with the right font combinations and attractive colors.


Your nicest photo is already on the invitation, but now you need to add some other graphics and the text to complete it.

With shape or selection tools, draw a rectangle and fill it with a plain color that will go with the rest of the postcard.

Use some decorations to spice up your blank space. You can either draw these by yourself or look on image repositories. Keep it uncluttered so the text will be readable.


The front of the invitation will include the name of the graduate, the year of graduation and other details like the name of the school. Invite your guests by adding the date of the event and the location and time as you see fit.

Use a combination of different fonts but no more than two or three. In this postcard, I’m using Little Lord Fontleroy and Mrs. Eaves.


The back can be like a plain postcard, or it can contain photos and other graphics to match the front. Making a matching back is up to you, but if you want to keep your budget low, you can just use this space for additional text.

Use the front as a blueprint for the new document that will be your back to make sure the specs of the two sides match.


These invitations are good to mail, but after resizing the file, they will be great to send to email contacts and post on social networks. The postcard invitation is the quickest way to reach all your friends and family members in style!

Edited in Photoshop CC. Sample image by SunnySanki.

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