How to: Make an Easter Postcard
Postcards are the Easter eggs of mail!

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Easter coincides with a time of the year when everybody feels more cheerful and energetic. Sending a personalized greeting for the occasion is just one of the ways you can show your loved ones you care.

This tutorial will help you to create a simple postcard that is perfect for Easter. To know more, just read on.

In your image editor, create a blank document sized 4 inches by 6 inches. This is the basic postcard format, and it’s convenient to print at home or at a professional printing service and to mail. For printing purposes, enter a resolution of 300 pixels per inch.

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Easter is the climax of spring! Go for vibrant colors, like yellows, oranges and blues, and choose color combinations that will communicate energy and joy.

How to Make an Easter Postcard 2

For this postcard, I am using a cute Easter-themed illustration. It’s always nice to pick something related to Easter in some way, such as rabbits, chicks, colored eggs and so on.

After downloading or preparing the artwork or photo, you can adapt it to your postcard’s document with the transform tools, cropping it if necessary to better suit your needs.

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Even if a greeting is not absolutely necessary, especially if you have very illustrative artwork, by writing something on the front, you will add a nice element to the postcard.

With whimsical artwork like the one I used, you can choose a breezy and informal font. Pair the font with the style of the graphics and use colors that will blend in nicely.

Make your greeting brief and keep the text readable. You will be able to write more extensively on the back if you want.

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We recommend using Print Place. This is a service we have used for this type of project.

Look for the postcard section and check the various options available (paper, coating, etc.) Select the desired quantity and upload your art. Then all you have to do is place your order.

Don’t forget if you need help, you can contact their support. It’s totally free! You can now relax and wait for your postcards to be printed and delivered.

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Your Easter postcard will bring a smile to the face of your recipients, but you’ll also have a lot of fun while making it!

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  1. fun project, thanks!

  2. i always seem to get a easter card form my dentist. usually is a terrible design