How To: Make an Effective Brochure
These tips and tricks will make people want to open your brochure.

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Brochures have a special place among advertising because they provide really in-depth information while maintaining a good-looking format.

Depending on your requirements, you can choose from all kinds of brochure styles, but to make a really great, effective brochure, there are a few basic things you should keep in mind.

Photos and other graphics will be the first thing your audience will notice, so they have to be engaging at first glance. Colorful images and beautiful photo spreads can help arouse a potential client’s interest.

Graphics should look polished and professional, and you should use only the most attractive and crisp photographs. To make your business immediately recognizable, you should include a logo and position it where it’s easy to see.

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The easiest way to give your brochure an organic and stylish feel is to have a color scheme that uses your photos as a reference.

Picking colors directly from your images prevents color clashing that can make some brochures unattractive.

Remember each color has its own specific meaning. Select hues that will match the message you want to convey and the purpose of your business. Flashy colors shouldn’t be used in excess.

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Besides engaging photos and graphics, a brochure has enough space to include informational content.

Use each panel wisely: Save the front for your most captivating visuals, your business name and your motto. The back can display directions and contact info.

The rest of the brochure should contain an in-depth overview of your mission, background and services.

Don’t forget to include an address, phone number, URL and email. People interested in your business should never have to struggle to get in touch with you.

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A brochure is not only supposed to look attractive, but it’s also supposed to be easy to read.

Relevance and complete information are two of the most essential elements of a brochure, so it’s important your customers are able to find the information right away.

I recommend choosing a limited number of fonts — two or three will do — and stick to them throughout the whole brochure.

The fonts need to be clean and legible. If you want to add a fancy touch to your text, leave it for headlines or slogans, not for the body.

Split the text into brief paragraphs and use lists to sum up the main points if necessary.

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Highlighting crucial elements and concepts is part of the success of your brochure. Prominent placement and distinctive colors can direct the eye of the reader to specific areas of the brochure.

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The key to creating an effective brochure that will win you new customers and reinforce your identity is to balance an attractive appearance, communication skills and a professional print job.

Looks and content should go hand in hand. Remember you can’t have one without the other.

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  1. MAKE SURE and add your contact info and triple check all information for typos! Printed a round of brochures for a big conference a couple years ago and we had our old phone number on there, didnt even realize it until after the conference. So embarrassing and very frustrating.

    • Harold Fishman (

      Step three does talk about contact info, but that can not be stated enough, thanks so much! I hear those stories all the time. Everyone listen to Submarie :)!