How To: Make Flyers On Mac (5 Quick Steps)
From picking a template to adding tabs, this tutorial will walk you through the process of making a fantastic flyer on a Mac computer!

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Creating flyers on a Mac computer is pretty quick and easy, especially when you use Apple’s text editor, Pages.

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In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to make awesome flyers in just 5 easy steps by using one of the program’s free templates.

Launch Pages and select New Document. On the side menu, click on Flyers & Posters. You can choose from a wide assortment of templates. Each one has a unique layout and design, so pick the template that works best for your flyer’s purpose. For example, you can choose from sale flyers, party flyers, concert flyers, and so on. In this tutorial, we’re using the Tab Flyer template.

A photo of making a flyer document in Pages

Choose a flyer template in Pages.

When you select a template, you’ll find placeholder photos. To use your own images, click on the sample picture. In the Controls menu on the right, you’ll find the Image tab to access image controls. Look for the Replace button at the top. Click on it and navigate to your image’s location on your computer.

After opening the image, double-click on the photo. Move the image and mask sliders to adjust the photo’s placement in the layout. With image controls, you can also alter the image’s appearance by tweaking brightness, contrast, and saturation.

A photo of inserting photos into a Pages flyer template

After uploading your photo, feel free to adjust its position on the flyer template.

When you want to edit the text on your template, click on the boxes. You can also copy and paste your text into the flyer template if you have it ready to go. Otherwise, you can write your text directly onto the flyer template. (Besides having pre-made templates, Pages is a good text editor, too!) You can change the font, color, and size of your text from the controls under the Text tab, which is located on the right-hand side.

A photo of adding text into a Pages flyer template

You can paste your text or write directly in the flyer template, as well as choose which font, color, and size you want.

You can add color to your flyer to make it stand out even more! Click on the Shapes button at the top of your template. From the menu, select a shape you want to use (i.e., a basic rectangle). With the shape’s handles, re-size the shape and then move it to its proper placement. If you’re fitting text into the shape, select the text and the Front option in the Arrange tab.

A photo of adding color to your Pages flyer template

You can add color to your flyer to make it stand out even more!

If you’re including your phone number and/or email address on the flyer, modify the tabs at the bottom just like you did in the text boxes. Click the text area and replace the dummy text with your own using text controls.

A photo of inserting your personal information into tabs on a Pages flyer template

If you’re adding your phone number or email address to the flyer, replace the dummy text with your information.

Once you get familiar with the templates in Pages, you can get more creative when making flyers  or even create your own entirely from scratch! Using Pages’ flyer templates is a good way for beginners to make fantastic flyers in no time.

Edited in Pages 5.5. Sample photo by John Nyberg.

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