How To: Make Luggage Stickers
You'll be dying to travel after you make these stickers!

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In the past, luggage stickers were one of the simplest ways to show off the places you had visited. Even if they seem obsolete now, luggage stickers still retain much of their original charm.

To make your own personalized luggage stickers, follow these tips.

The main ingredient to luggage stickers is the idea. A bit of research will help you come up with the right concept, and if you are traveling, it will make your trip more enjoyable.

Look for images and information about striking features, landmarks, and traditions connected to the location. Think about what kind of design, graphic, illustration, or photo is representative of your chosen destination.

How to Make Luggage Stickers 1

To make your stickers, you will need an image editor. You will also need an inkjet printer.

Finally, you will need adhesive paper to print on and clear laminate to coat your stickers. These items can be purchased at computer and office supplies stores.

How to Make Luggage Stickers 2

You can start with a sketch, a photo on your computer, or a design directly in your image editor of choice. For stickers, keep the graphics basic and focus on a few important details. You can also try stock images if you are not into creating the artwork from scratch.

If you want the stickers to look old-school, choose vibrant retro color schemes and pair the graphics with a vintage looking font.

How to Make Luggage Stickers 3

Create a new document matching the specs of your inkjet adhesive paper. Paste several copies of your artwork into the new document, leaving adequate spacing between the copies and the document’s borders.

If you want to make different stickers and print them all at once, you can paste different artworks on the same sheet. Test on normal paper to make sure the artwork is within the borders and the color and printing quality are just right. When everything is ready, print on the sheet of sticker paper.

How to Make Luggage Stickers 4

Lay the sheet of stickers face up on an even surface, and then apply the clear laminate over the sheet of stickers, starting from one of the edges. Use a ruler to make sure air bubbles don’t appear between the two layers. Cut out the stickers with a trimmer.

How to Make Luggage Stickers 5

Making your own luggage stickers is basically like making traditional stickers. You can make all kinds of stickers, in many shapes and styles, to create a captivating visual timeline of your travel adventures.

Photos by Xandert, Kenny Louie and Jenny W. Edited in Illustrator CS5.

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