How To: Make & Brand Stickers for Your Startup
Creating customized stickers is a great way to build your startup's brand!

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Starting with a small budget is the only option for most startups, so when it comes to branding and marketing a new business, using cost-effective resources is key.

That’s why creating custom stickers is an ingenious and affordable way to reach out to potential customers and get your name out there.

Here are 5 easy steps on how to make stickers for branding your startup. Get ready to brand your new business in a fun, awesome way!

Open your logo image file. Your logo might not be in a vector format yet, so create a new layer on top of the logo. Lower the logo opacity, and use the pen tool to trace over it. Don’t worry if your tracing isn’t accurate. With the direct selection tool, you can select anchor points and move them as you wish at any time.

A picture of a startup's logo

Trace your logo and design when creating a sticker.

Likewise, you can use the anchor point tool to change the shape of your anchors. Use only a 1 px stroke when you trace at first, so you can see the logo underneath at all times. When the final outlines are ready, you can turn on fill colors and turn the logo into solid shapes. Use the eyedropper tool to select colors directly from your original logo image. For the font type, you can save time by using the same font instead of tracing it in case it isn’t custom-made.

With the ellipse tool (while holding the shift key down), draw a simple circular shape larger than the logo. Select the ellipse, move it at the back, and align it to the center of the logo. Choose a fill color that you like, but be careful to keep the logo as the focus of the whole design.

A picture of a colored-in logo sticker

Add color and depth to your sticker.

Create a document sized 8.5” x 11” – or the size of the paper it will print on. Select the whole sticker design, including the background, using the selection tool, and then copy everything into the new document. Use the selection tool to resize the design so you can fit more stickers into the document. While the sticker is still selected, press Alt and drag the design to make a new copy of it. Make copies of the sticker to fill your document. Space the stickers evenly and adequately for correct printing.

A picture of replicating the sticker

Copy the sticker into the document as many times as you want.

When you’re finished designing your brand’s stickers, you have two options: you can either print at home or use an online service. Depending on how many stickers you want to print will determine which option you should go with.

Option 1: Print Your Stickers at Home or the Office

Printing at home is convenient if you don’t plan on printing hundreds of stickers. If you want to print a few stickers and test this set to see if it’s the look you’re going for, load your inkjet printer with glossy sticker paper (which you can buy online or in office and art supplies stores). Run some tests on plain paper to determine if the document will print correctly, and then select the right color profile for this type of paper. You will find the instructions in the paper package or on the website of the manufacturer.

A picture of finished logo stickers for a startup

One option is printing your stickers from home or the office.

Option 2: Use an Online Service to Print Your Stickers

Using a printing company is a good idea if you plan to produce a significant amount of stickers. In fact, the more stickers you print, the more you will save on each piece of your final order and on total shipping costs. If you want to have custom die-cut stickers and don’t have experience of printing them, you will find it easier to have a commercial printer handle the job for you. Check out PSPrint or VistaPrint for the best printing deals.

A photo of using a printing service online to print your stickers

Another option is to use a printing service to print your stickers if you have a large order.

You can use any design when creating stickers for your startup’s brand, but using your logo is the perfect feature to use to make it more memorable. You can alter any colors and the design slightly to make your startup’s stickers stand out. Save your designs, so you can use them in other projects, such as T-shirts, pins, and so on. Have fun creating your startup’s stickers to stick out from the crowd!

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