How To: Make Matching T-shirts in Different Sizes
Matching T-shirts that will look good on any size!

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Matching T-shirts can be fun to create and they are pretty easy to make if you have two identical shirts to print on.

But what happens when you want to print on T-shirts that are of different sizes? Does size difference affect the process?

If you’re wondering how it’s done, follow our overview of different types of matching T-shirts and how to create them while keeping an eye on the size issue.

Matching T-shirts with a unique design:

This is the easiest type of design for matching T-shirts. Since each T-shirt is different from the other, you don’t have to worry about precise placement to make the two tees match.

The matching effect is simply the result of the T-shirts’ overall style (same typefaces, graphics, colors and so on).

How to Make Matching T-shirts in Different Sizes 1

You have to create two separate designs with a matching style or prepare only one if you want to print the same on both tees.

Unless the size of the two T-shirts varies greatly, the dimension of the artwork is not something you should worry about.

For instance, if you choose to let an online printer make the T-shirts, they will automatically define placement and size of the artwork no matter what the measurements of the T-shirts are.

If you print at home, you can adjust the dimensions of the artwork slightly, enlarging it for a larger T-shirt and shrinking it for a smaller one.

Select the artwork and use the transform tools of your image editor to achieve this or scale directly from the printing options panel.

Try to be consistent with the placement, centering the artwork on the T-shirts or choosing the same placement in relation to the size of the shirt for both.

How to Make Matching T-shirts in Different Sizes 2

Matching T-shirts with a shared design:

In matching T-shirts with a shared design, the meaning of each T-shirt can only be understood when both tees are together. A single design can be split and printed onto two separate T-shirts.

How to Make Matching T-shirts in Different Sizes 3

For this type of design, I don’t recommend relying on online services that will ask you to upload the artwork. Since the design has to be consistent, the placement has to be more or less accurate on both T-shirts.

Most online services will not let you choose exactly where to place the artwork, nor will they let you work at the same time on two different T-shirts that share a common design.

If you plan to make matching T-shirts with a shared design, it is better to print at home or choose a reliable service that will allow you to customize.

How to Make Matching T-shirts in Different Sizes 4

You can either make two matching T-shirts with just graphics or with graphics and text. Keep it simple to make your job easier.

After you complete the artwork, you can divide it into two and save each part as a separate file to print on the T-shirt. The size of the T-shirt doesn’t really matter, as long as the placement of the artwork is consistent.

You can print each part of the design on T-shirts of different sizes, but you have to make sure each part of the design is positioned correctly.

If you’re doing this at home, spread the T-shirts carefully side by side and position your printed transfer paper on each T-shirt exactly where it should be. Use pins to keep the transfer sheets in the desired position while you’re ironing.

How to Make Matching T-shirts in Different Sizes 5

Size is only a problem if you have T-shirts that have very different measurements, such as a T-shirt for an adult and one for a small child.

Overall, there aren’t too many difficulties. You just have to be careful with the placement, especially if you want to print a design that is on both T-shirts.

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