How To: Make Photo Stickers
Take your favorite photos with you all the time by making them into stickers!

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If you’re a real shutterbug, you probably have more photos than you can count and want to use them for something other than sharing on Instagram or making a few prints.

Stickers are super cool and super easy to make. This tutorial will show you how to make stickers with your own photos.

You can turn any photo into a sticker, but the photos that work best are those with good contrast and clearly defined features.

Color or black and white, old or new, family snapshot or artistic landscape – all of these will work great, so feel free to choose any picture you like.


Start by creating the shape of the sticker with the shape tools. You can easily make stickers with different looks: rectangular, round or even custom.

Fill the path with a flat color (which color you pick doesn’t really matter).


Open the file of the photo you want to use and copy it on a separate layer over your shape. In the Layer menu, choose “create clipping mask.” By doing this, you will automatically mask the photo so only what’s within the shape you created is visible.


If your photo feels too big or if it’s loaded with too many details, use the transform tools to define a clipped area with the most interesting elements.

Cropping out something you don’t need is not wrong. You don’t have to use the whole photo in your sticker.

To make several stickers with the same shape, you can copy and paste the shape several times in the same document, or you can create several clipped layers on top of the original shape, enabling or disabling them when printing.


If you print at home, you are more or less free to do as you like. You will just need an inkjet printer, ink and the compatible adhesive paper you can buy in most office supply stores.

Do some thorough testing before printing on the actual sticker paper and cut out the stickers carefully after printing.

If you have a favorite online printing service, you should check their guidelines first because they may have very specific requirements. If the printer offers free templates, use them to make sure your sticker will fulfill the specifications.

After uploading your files and completing the order, the printer will take care of everything, from printing the stickers to delivering them.


Turning your photos into stickers is a fun way to bring your most precious moments with you or to decorate your spaces. Making stickers out of photographs is quite simple once you get started, and the same techniques can be used again and again for stickers with different photographs.

Edited in Photoshop CC. Sample images by Natalie Adkins.

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  1. have done this before, and it is a lot of fun if you have not tired making these you should! :):)

  2. these pics are pretty old, I am assuming this can be the same process by using newer photos

  3. Photo stickers are the best. I love making stickers of my cat’s photos.

  4. Kristi Maddox (

    @Dude2, that does sound like fun! We would love for you to share some of your finished pieces.