How To: Make Shareable Pinterest Images
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Nicole Bateman

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Pinterest has changed the landscape of the Internet. Made up of 97 percent women, it is ideal for sharing recipes, decorating ideas, arts and crafts and fashion.

Bloggers have quickly learned to leverage the social media power of Pinterest by creating visually appealing and shareable images to promote their content.

But what if you’re new to Pinterest and not sure how to create a shareable image? Well, it’s easy and I’ll show you how.

Let’s pretend you’re famous for your quiche. You’re a world-class quiche maker. You want to share the recipe on your blog and get as much exposure as possible. Let’s create a graphic that is clear, appealing and creates maximum interest.

For this tutorial, I’ll be using PicMonkey, a free photo editing tool that works perfectly for this application.

Starting with a good photo in a portrait orientation is ideal. Images that are higher than they are wider get better exposure and real estate on Pinterest. Make sure it’s at least 600 to 700 pixels wide.

If you don’t have a portrait image, don’t sweat it. You can work with a square or landscape image…like I’ll show in this tutorial using this image:

How to Make Shareable Images for Pinterest 1

Let’s get started!

Go to and hover over the Design icon and choose the eight by 10 canvas. This will give us plenty of room to work with.

How to Make Shareable Images for Pinterest 2

There are several ways to work in PicMonkey, but I prefer to use as I would Photoshop. I’m going to choose Overlay (the butterfly icon). Click Your Own and navigate to your image on your hard drive.

How to Make Shareable Images for Pinterest 4

When you first insert your image, it will come in very small. Pull one of the corners to increase it so it fills the canvas about two-thirds of the way full.

How to Make Shareable Images for Pinterest 5

Let’s crop the design at this point so we can see what we’re working with.

How to Make Shareable Images for Pinterest 6

Still under Overlays, scroll down to Paper Scrap and choose a subtle pattern for the background. I’m using  the bottom right pattern. Enlarge again until it fills the whole canvas.*

How to Make Shareable Images for Pinterest 8

Send the patterned paper to the back by right-clicking on the image and choosing Send To Back. We can also modify the color hue by clicking on the color picker until we have a color we like.

How to Make Shareable Images for Pinterest 9

Click on the text tool and enter an appropriate title and text for your image. I am using EcuyerDax and Geo Sans Light.

How to Make Shareable Images for Pinterest 10

Tip: If you click on the color square that indicated the color you have chosen, you will get an eyedropper tool. Use this to select a color from your photo to better match your color scheme!

How to Make Shareable Images for Pinterest 11

Click the Overlays icon again and scroll to Labels. I chose the bottom-right label.

Tip: If you hold down the Shift key while dragging one of the sides of the frame, you can reshape it into a different aspect ratio. Position the label to highlight important text. Tweak colors and placement until you have a design you’re pleased with and that conveys a clear and appealing image.

How to Make Shareable Images for Pinterest 12

Click Save and give your image a name. I recommend choosing “Sean” as your download quality type. It gives you the biggest image to work with and you can always resize down as needed. Click Save to My Computer and you’re done!

How to Make Shareable Images for Pinterest 13

Now you have a very shareable image to use in your blog post to help people share your great recipe.

* Anytime you see the crown symbol in PicMonkey, that denotes a premium feature. Premium accounts are very inexpensive and offer you more options and features.

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Nicole Bateman
Nicole Bateman
Nicole Bateman is a graphic designer specializing in Wordpress blog/site design. Her website and blog, The Pixel Boutique, offers services and resources for bloggers, as well as consumer digital graphics. Nicole assists bloggers at every stage, from design concept to social media exposure. She lives in Vail, Ariz., and is perpetually outnumbered 4 to 1 by her husband and three teenage boys. Connect on Google+.


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