How To: Make Stickers for Laptops
Whether it's trippy designs or clouds playing guitar, your laptop deserves to look good, too.

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Most of us use laptops every day, several hours a day, all year round, and yet not many of us actually think about turning a laptop into something more personal, at least on the outside. If you have a laptop, you probably have your own wallpaper to embellish your screen, but what about your laptop’s outer appearance?

To make one of those large skins that will fit nicely on your laptop’s lid, you need to know its size. If you aren’t sure, check the manufacturer’s manual, look on the Internet or take the measurements yourself.

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In your image editor, create a document based on your computer’s measurements. Don’t forget to allow a little space (one-fourth of an inch will be enough) around each lid’s border. Make it 300 pixels per inch and CMYK.

Open your chosen artwork and fit it to your document. Your design can be anything at all: a special photo, a collage, a pattern or any other kind of graphic. Whatever suits your taste will work just fine. The possibilities are endless!

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You need two things for your laptop sticker: self-adhesive sticker paper and clear laminate. They can both be purchased in packs of several sheets from office suppliers. Sticker paper comes in different sizes and are usually compatible with most Inkjet printers.

This is where you need to print your design. Make sure the type of paper will match your laptop’s size and your printer’s requirements. Try a test page first to make sure everything comes out clean and right.

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Source: Schtickers

When the printing is done, you can apply the laminate over the sticker paper. Lay the sheet with the design facing up and start coating from the border. Use a ruler to cover the whole sticker with the laminate so no air bubbles form between the two layers. Finally, use a trimmer to cut out the sticker.

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Creating your sticker will be even easier if you choose to have a professional service take care of the printing. For skins, these are some places to look: Schtickers, InkFruit, Picsquare, Speedy Signs, DecalGirl.

You can create your custom design and upload it to your preferred service. Then all you have to do is just wait for the sticker to be delivered.

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Making laptop stickers is not all that different from making regular stickers. Specs can change, depending on the computer’s body, but the creation process and the materials are the same.

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      Gary, yes, stickers can be placed on computers and laptops of all sizes and kinds! Make sure you want it on there though, as some might be difficult to remove once they are placed!

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