How To: Make Textured Stickers
Flat stickers are out!

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Let’s assume you are making a special package and you want a matching sticker to go with it because, you know, stickers make everything cool.

Enhancing the sticker with a texture can help create the look you are after. It’s also pretty easy to make. Are you ready to learn how to do it? Then let’s get started.

Create a new document sized 8.5 inches by 11 inches and give it a resolution of 300. Choose a name for the document and click OK.


Obviously, you need to have a texture. If the sticker is part of a larger project, you will have to look for a texture that matches its overall style and colors. If you have no special requirements, you can go with any texture you like.

You can take a high-resolution photo and use it as a texture. You also can look for images on sites like Stock.Xchng, CGTextures or Texture King. Use any keyword you want in the search field.


I need to draw the shape of the sticker. I will make a round sticker, so I  need to use the ellipse tool.

With the tool selected while pressing the Shift button, create a circular shape. At this stage, the color of the shape and its size don’t matter.


Open the image file of the texture. Turn the texture into a pattern (Edit>Define Pattern). Go back to your main document and double-click on the shape’s layer to call up the layer style panel.

Then go to Pattern Overlay. Scroll through the menu until you find your texture, select it and confirm your choice.

Now you have a textured round shape. You can add other decorations, such as ornaments or text, to make the sticker more interesting.


Select all of the layers that make up the sticker and press Ctrl+G in Windows or Cmd+G in Mac to group them.

With the transform tools, resize the group and then copy and paste the graphics multiple times to fill the space of the document. Distribute the copies evenly, leaving each sticker with sufficient space.

Print on adhesive paper compatible with your inkjet printer and cut out each sticker. How many stickers you can fit on a single sheet depends on the size of your stickers.


If you prefer, you can just print on specialty paper with a real textured surface and use it for the stickers. However, using normal adhesive paper with different textured images can be cheaper and more practical. You also have more choices, as you can turn any image into a texture for the sticker.

Edited in Photoshop CC. Texture image by Texture King.

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