How To: Make Valentine’s Day Stickers
What says "I love you" more than a sticker covered in hearts?

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Valentine’s Day is one of the most important times of the year for getting crafty and making something special for someone you care about. You don’t need to make anything too complicated because the simple ideas are usually the best.

Making Valentine’s Day stickers to hand out will take a little time and effort, but it will be worth it once you see the smiles on your loved ones’ faces.

In this tutorial, I am using Illustrator. Launch the program and create a new A4 document with a resolution of 300 pixels per inch and in the CMYK color mode. For this tutorial, it doesn’t matter if you choose portrait or landscape orientation.

How to Make Valentine's Day Stickers 1

I will go with a classic heart sticker.

With the Ellipse tool, draw two circles touching each other horizontally inside the document. After that, draw a triangle shape with two of its vertices touching the circle shapes and the third facing down and resting in the center where the circles touch. Then select the three shapes and use Pathfinder>Add to turn them into a single heart shape.

How to Make Valentine's Day Stickers 2

With the help of the Squeeze effect (Effect>Warp>Squeeze), make the heart shape a little rounder and more interesting to look at. I used a -20 horizontal bend setting, but choose the amount of squeezing you like.

How to Make Valentine's Day Stickers 3

With the entire shape selected, go to Offset Path (Object>Path>Offset Path) to create a second bigger heart outside the first one. Confirm and then repeat once more with the second heart to create a third shape.

How to Make Valentine's Day Stickers 4

Change the color of the hearts to a vivid pink or soft red. Make the smaller heart’s fill color lighter than the one used for the other two.

Use white, ivory or a very light gray for the stroke of the three shapes and set the stroke’s weight to something around 5 for the inner hearts and 10 for the outer one. Choose round caps and joins.

For the middle shape, check the dashed line option, setting dash to 8 and gap to 10.

How to Make Valentine's Day Stickers 5

You can add text to the sticker, if you like. Select a suitable font, something cute and cheerful, and use it to write anything you want. It can be your sweetheart’s name or initials, a message, a quote and so on. Turn the text into outlines to adjust each letter’s placement freely.

How to Make Valentine's Day Stickers 6

Select all the sticker’s elements and group them together (Object>Group). Resize and copy the group multiple times into the document until you fill its space. This way you will be able to print several stickers at once using only one sheet of paper.

Make sure there is adequate spacing between stickers and that you have a reasonable margin between artwork and document’s borders.

How to Make Valentine's Day Stickers 7

Store-bought flowers, cards and chocolates are great traditional gifts for Valentine’s Day, but why not do something different and unique by making your own stickers!

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