How To: Make Window Stickers
With stickers, you can turn an ordinary window into something so much more.

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Window stickers are not only a great way to decorate, but they are also a great way to promote your business.

Making your own stickers will allow you to end up with a finished product that is exactly what you want.

Follow this tutorial’s easy tips and your window stickers will be complete in no time.

By making your own stickers, you can fully adapt them to your taste. You can put on them any design you want, and if you are creative, you can come up with some really cool designs.

Designing your artwork is the best if you want something totally original that won’t be seen anywhere else.

To create your own design, you can either draw it by hand or use software like Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape (its free counterpart) to create the artwork on your computer.

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If you prefer to select your image rather than design it, you can always download stock illustrations and adjust them to suit your needs. Stock images are pretty cheap and you can save them for multiple uses.

Do a search on the subject you are looking for, create an account and spend time selecting the images you like.

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The paper you choose for your stickers is important. If you are going to attach the stickers to your windows, you will need to apply a layer of clear laminate film over them to make sure they won’t fade, tear or scratch.

The adhesive paper and clear film for your sticker can be purchased from office and stationery suppliers, as well as in online stores like Amazon and Crafty Computer Paper.

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Sticker paper usually comes in packs of A4 sheets. You can either adapt your design to cover the whole document’s surface, or you can fit several designs in a single page so you can make several stickers at once using only one sheet of paper.

Test your print settings on normal paper to make sure everything will turn out right. If there are adjustments you need to make (fine-tuning colors or placement of the design on the page), you will find out by trial and error.

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As explained earlier (see step three), once you have printed your designs on sheets of adhesive paper, you will need to apply a layer of coating to make them last.

Lay the sheets holding your design on a flat surface and attach the adhesive side of the coating film to them, starting from the top. Use a ruler to help you spread the rest of the coating quickly and evenly while preventing air bubbles to form.

After you are done, you can simply cut the stickers with scissors.

Doing this can be tricky at first, but even if you make mistakes, don’t be discouraged. Just keep trying!

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Making window stickers can be something everyone can do together. Are you ready to fill your windows with your beautiful creations?

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  1. It seems I can’t make stickers without the air bubbles. Are there any good ways to always get rid of them?

  2. Roger, I find it helpful to use a straight edge like a ruler or something to press the sticker down onto the surface. This is the best way I have tried, but if there are oters I would love to hear

  3. Kristi Maddox (

    I agree! just take your time, go slow, use a hard, flat object at the point of contact to push the sticker down smoothly.