How To: Maximize Your Poster with Minimal Text
It doesn't take a lot to make your poster pop!

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Keeping a poster short and focused is one of the key elements to its success. If you want an eye-catching poster, you really need your text to be concise and hard hitting, not lost in a sea of paragraphs and unnecessary sentences.

So go ahead and give these five simple tips to help minimize the text clutter and maximize the look of your poster.

The first thing to do is eliminate everything that’s superfluous. Not all of the information you want to fit into the poster is absolutely necessary. After all, a poster doesn’t require the same prose you would use in another form of publication.

Writing concisely may require additional work, but don’t be afraid to reword what you wrote and reshape your content.

How to Minimize Text on a Poster 1


Distributing the text evenly also can help clean up the clutter. Divide the content into brief chunks, comprising of just a few lines each, and arrange them so they are legible.
The eye should be able to easily go from one paragraph to the next. If the text is too dense, the reader will get lost.

How to Minimize Text on a Poster 2


Summarizing the information with the help of lists will save you more space than you can imagine, and it will also make reading much more comfortable. Lists keep the text organized and to the point, and you can make lists more eye-catching by using styled bullets.

How to Minimize Text on a Poster 3


Typography is an essential building block in a poster. Choosing the right font can create the impression the text is succinct and neatly put together. Try writing the same text using different font faces and you will see how selecting an adequate font can actually do wonders.

How to Minimize Text on a Poster 4


Graphics are very powerful to sum up complex information in an engaging way. Images and graphs speak to the viewer in a very direct way and are easier to understand than text. Not only will graphics reduce the bulk of text you have to include, but they will also create a more attractive poster.

How to Minimize Text on a Poster 5


To make things easier from the start, decide on some limits. Decide beforehand how many words you will use on the poster, and try different methods until you get the result you want. Remember to use graphics as a substitute for text, use the right fonts and arrange text in lists or brief blocks.

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  2. how do I CReate one of these?

    • Harold Fishman (

      Great question, RC. To put it simply, there are two basic ways:

      Option A: is if you own and have experience using a design program such as Illustrator or Photoshop, you should be able to create an awesome poster straight from home. MS Word or other programs can work too, but the options will be much more limited.

      Option B is using an online poster design tool from a professional printer. There are many printers that offer great tools to help anyone whether they have any graphic experience or not. Feel free to check out our poster template reviews to find a service that will work best for your project at

      Good luck!