How To: Organize a Text-Heavy Brochure
Don't let too much text weigh down your brochure and prevent your message from getting across.

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Brochures traditionally tend to be pretty text-heavy, but the fact is too much text can kill any interest your potential clients may have in your services. Below are several ways you can make a brochure with a lot of text appealing.

By knowing your goals for the brochure, you will be able to clearly define what the brochure is about and what kind of configuration you should choose for its content.

If the brochure is mostly informative, you should make it easy to understand and stimulating. If it’s all about advertising, the brochure should be impressive and inviting. Know your targets and their interests.

How to Organize a Text-Heavy Brochure 1


Organizing your content by a specific theme will be easy. Focus on a few essential aspects you wish to communicate, develop them coherently, and cut out all the useless elements that have no connection with your theme.

How to Organize a Text-Heavy Brochure 2


Content is king when it comes to brochures, so it must be easy to read. If your brochure is text-driven, you have to make sure people will feel comfortable reading it.

Create good contrast between text and background, split the textual content into smaller paragraphs of just a few lines each, evenly space these paragraphs to give the eye some relief, and use lists to break and sum up elaborate information.

How to Organize a Text-Heavy Brochure 3


A brochure is a complex vehicle for delivering content, and every single panel in it has a different objective. To put it simply, you should use each panel of the brochure for a special purpose.

Think of the front of the brochure as its cover, the panel as what will attract the reader’s attention, the inner panels as the soapbox that will deliver and shape your mission, and the back as your business card, where your contact details should be.

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Graphics can help you simplify the brochure by conveying complex bits of information in a direct and comprehensible way. Maps, charts, and photos are all excellent ways to achieve great results.

Graphics are easy to understand and can transcend cultural barriers, so try to use them instead of massive chunks of text to attract and inform at the same time.

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Even a boring text-heavy brochure can become engaging after a thorough makeover. Organizing text effectively requires practice and a good eye. Start by trying different formats and layouts to determine which one best serves your needs.

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