How To: Organize an Image-Heavy Brochure
You can't have an effective brochure without eye-catching images.

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A brochure should be a balanced combination of text and images. Text is carries the useful information, but images direct the reader’s attention to the text.

This tutorial will show you how to make a brochure that is organized with images. It’s just six easy steps!

The front panel is your brochure’s cover. This is the single most important panel to attract readers, so use it wisely.

Choose the most inviting and appealing image you have for the cover, but don’t forget to keep it relevant so people will have an idea of what the brochure is about.

How to Organize an Image-Heavy Brochure 1


The back panel is also important in a brochure’s organization because this is where people look to find the information. The back can accommodate special graphics illustrating directions, like a street map to the location of your business.

How to Organize an Image-Heavy Brochure 2


If you want to include a considerable number of images, keep their presence reasonable and distribute them carefully. You can either use them independently while having them interact with your text, or you can blend them together to create visually engaging collages.

How to Organize an Image-Heavy Brochure 3


If you just have a few images and this isn’t a text-heavy brochure, you can have the images spread across more panels. Photo spreads are highly attractive and readers are immediately drawn to them. Images can say a lot more than words sometimes. Making images prominent will reinforce their effect.

How to Organize an Image-Heavy Brochure 4


To make the brochure easy to read while also keeping the images prominent, split the text body into brief paragraphs of just a few lines each and use bullets to sum up the information.

Wrap the text around the images to create a cohesive layout and save space. Take the time to space textual and visual elements adequately and assess the overall look of the panels.

How to Organize an Image-Heavy Brochure 5


Remember you don’t necessarily have to fit all the images you have in your brochure, especially if you want it to be easy to read. Select only the best visuals. If you are unsure about a photo, perhaps it means it is not pertinent enough to be in the brochure.

How to Organize an Image-Heavy Brochure 6


Images are the most powerful tools in a brochure, but they must be used in the right way to achieve the effect you want. To create brochures that work, start by following some simple rules and try a few combinations to get different results.

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  1. SOOO many brochures and such are just flodded with oversized pics and text and look terrible. this was a nice reminder.

    • /agree. I go to a lot of sales conferences and some of the materials these guys hand out is just awful.

      • Kenny Austin
        Kevin Austin (

        It really is amazing how just a little bit of creativity and formatting can alleviate such common problems. Thanks for the thoughts!