How To: Print Photos at Walgreens (5 Upload-to-Print Steps)
Tired of viewing photos on your phone or computer? Print them out at Walgreens!

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When you want to print photos directly from any social media account or computer, Walgreens Photo offers easy-to-use tools for customers who want to print their photos as quickly as possible. Not only is the ordering process super convenient, but you can even get same-day pickup or have your order shipped right to your home!

In just 5 steps, you can upload and print flawless photos at Walgreens.

1. Create or Sign Into Your Walgreens Account

Before you can get started, you must sign into your Walgreens account, or simply create a new one here if you don’t have an account yet. Having an account will also save all of your information so you can check out faster in the future.

A photo of signing into your Walgreens Photo account

Sign into your Walgreens account, or create a one if you don’t have an account.

2. Select “Upload New Photos,” “Import from Facebook,” or “Order Prints” to Get Started

After you sign into your account, you can either upload an album from your computer or Facebook. To print photo albums from other social media accounts, such as Instagram or Twitter, save all the photos you want to print on your computer. If you already uploaded an existing album, hit “Order Prints” and select all the photos you want to edit and print.

A photo of uploading and ordering photos at Walgreens

You can upload photos from your computer or Facebook, then start ordering your prints!

3. Choose From Different Sizes, Quantities, and Finishes for Each Photo in Your Album

After you select all the photos you want to print, choose a finish, such as glossy or matte. (Note: Matte finishes are only available for mail orders.) You can also choose from sizes 4 x 6, 5 x 7, and 8 x 10 and select individual photos you want to enlarge.

A photo of choosing sizes, quantities, and finishes

You can choose from different sizes, quantities, and finishes you want for each photo.

4. You Can Pick Up Your Order From Walgreens or Have It Mailed to Your Home

Once you’re done selecting sizes, quantities, and finishes, you have the option to pick up your order at the closest Walgreens location (and take advantage of same-day pickup!) or have it shipped to your home. Just enter your address and preferred shipping option.

A photo of choosing your delivery method

You can either pick up your prints from the closest Walgreens location or have them shipped to your home.

5. Press “Submit Order” When You’re Done

After you select the pick up or ship method, click “Submit Order.” Your order will either be ready to get picked up from Walgreens that day or will be shipped to your home as soon as possible. Who knew printing photos at Walgreens was this easy?!

A photo of submitting your Walgreens photo order

Once you’re done finalizing your prints, press “Submit Order.”

From Upload to Print in Minutes!

Not only is printing your photos at Walgreens super easy, but you can also print your photos in an hour! Whether you’re uploading photos from your favorite album or creating a photo book, print your photos at Walgreens today for high-quality photos at low prices.

If you want to print photos on the go, download the Walgreens app for easy access to your social media photo albums.

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