How To: Put a Photo on a Business Card
To put a photo on a business card, all you need to do is choose your favorite editing program.

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Whatever your job is, putting photos on your business card can immediately catch a client’s attention.

In this tutorial, I’ll teach you how you add a photo to your business card in some of the most popular editing programs.

For printed materials, I recommend using images with a minimum 300 DPI resolution. Make sure you choose a high-quality image and avoid anything where blur, artifacts or exposure problems are noticeable.

Make all the necessary adjustments before attaching the photo to your card. It will be easier to edit the image separately than when it’s part of a complex design.

With your card’s document open, select the Insert tab and click on Picture. Choose your desired photo from your folder and confirm.

Adjust the photo’s placement and size to fit your design by manipulating the Transform handles. Change Wrap Text to Behind Text if you experience problems with the placement of your photo.

The process is exactly the same whether you are using one of the free templates provided by Office’s library or creating the business card from scratch.

How to Put a Photo on a Business Card 1

The interface of Publisher is very similar to Word and including photos to the document works pretty much in the same way.

Go to the Insert tab and click on Picture. Browse your folders, select your image and click Insert. Use the Transform handles to re-size and position your image as needed.

How to Put a Photo on a Business Card 2

Open your photo in Photoshop. With the Selection tool, click and drag the photo to your card’s document. You can also right click on the photo’s layer in the Layer’s palette and then select Duplicate.

When the pop-up appears, choose the location where you want the image to be copied from the drop-down menu.

Use the Transform tool (Edit>Free Transform) to adjust the size and rotation of the photo. Make sure to check the Constrain Proportions option so there won’t be any distortions.

How to Put a Photo on a Business Card 3

Open your business card’s document and make sure nothing is selected. Go to Place to add a photo to your design (File>Place).

Click on the right location on the layout to place the graphics, and then use the Direct Selection tool to adjust the framing and size of the photo.

How to Put a Photo on a Business Card 4

Illustrator is a vector graphics editor and is not specifically designed for working with raster graphics and laying out business cards or similar products.

However, if you have Illustrator and you feel comfortable with it, you can use the Place (File>Place) command to include your photo in your document.

With the Selection tool, you can fit the image conveniently while holding the Shift key to maintain the aspect ratio of your original photo.

TIP: The Place command doesn’t actually include the photo in the document, but it displays it by linking to the original file. You cannot actually edit the original image by just placing it.

How to Put a Photo on a Business Card 5

Even if your preferred program is not among those included in this guide, the steps to put a photo on your business card will be pretty much the same. Most programs feature the similar tools, even if the names and menus are slightly different.

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  1. HOw do i get a picture from my camera into my computer?

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      Herbert, that really depends on what type of camera and computer you have, but if you have a digital camera, you should have a USB cord or some other connecting cable that attaches from your camera to your computer. Then, its just a matter of opening up the camera files and selecting the image you want. Some computers also have slots or adapters to insert your camera’s memory disk.

      Hope that helps! Browsing other more camera focused sights might provide you some additional help. Good luck!