How To: Put Your Face on a Business Card
Putting your face on a business card helps potential clients or employers remember who are you are and what you're about.

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Do you have a design for a business card in mind but you can’t figure out what it needs? What that business card is missing is your awesome face – located front and center!

Photos show clients you want to get to know them and you have expertise to sell. There are many ways to put a photo of yourself on your business card. Here are just a few ideas.

Using a “mug shot” is a no-frills way to add a photo to a business card. However, this kind of photo may only work if you are after a certain rugged look.

In general, avoid this option. Mug shot-like photos don’t look very nice to begin with, not to mention they are more associated with criminals than with business. I’m just sayin’.

How to Put Your Face on a Business Card 1


If you had a professional portrait taken and you want to use it, go ahead and use it. Studio portraits are usually neutral and flawlessly executed, and they will be great for corporate use.

However, they might not fit all the other styles and tastes. If you are confident with your photography skills, you could take the picture yourself.

Note that taking a professional-looking photo all by yourself is harder than it looks, and it requires adequate equipment and lighting.

How to Put Your Face on a Business Card 2


Your portrait doesn’t have to be taken in a professional studio to be suitable for a business card. You can use any good photo you think represents both yourself and your job.

The main requirements are good image quality and adequate light. A handsome pose won’t hurt either.

Of course, your photo of choice should match the style of the card. It would look awkward if you had a very serious, business-like card with a random photo of yourself on it, even if the photo was a good one.

How to Put Your Face on a Business Card 3


You can choose the opposite approach and turn a photo into your card.

The above suggestions still work: Start with a high-quality photo, one that will accurately represent what you do. To make the card more interesting, you can place the subject off center, pick a nice background when shooting, add details and ornaments over the photo and so on.

How to Put Your Face on a Business Card 4


The aforementioned techniques can all be adapted to make highly creative, funny and visually engaging business cards. Think out of the box.

Depending on your vision and on the clients you want to attract, you can try different ideas and styles and make your card — and photo — truly stand out!

How to Put Your Face on a Business Card 5


You can make a business card that includes your photo and leaves an impression on others by presenting yourself in an ambitious and professional manner.

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  1. interesting idea. i have seen cards like this before with peoples pics on them, and they always seem to stand out. anyone out there recomend this tactic?

    • as long as you don’t look as creepy as that guy in the first example, this is a good idea for creative industries.