How To: Save on Your Next Business Card Order
Saving money on your business cards doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the quality.

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You don’t have to break the bank to get yourself a good business card.  If your budget is tight, there are actually many ways to save on your cards.

Take the following tips into consideration when placing your next business card order.

If you are not a designer and have no familiarity with making business cards, you may want to employ a professional to make a good card for you.

Unless you have special requirements, you can use business card templates as an alternative. Templates are easy to customize and they cost significantly less than paying a designer to help you.

Many online printers offer several free templates for download where you can simply replace a dummy logo and information with your own.

How to Save on Your Next Business Card Order 1

Printing in black and white will be less expensive.

Unless you have graphics that require color printing, going for a simple black and white card will help you save some money. Especially if you want a minimal card, with just your name, contacts and a simple logo on it, black and white will be an excellent choice.

Business card by Sassen Design.

How to Save on Your Next Business Card Order 2

Quality stock is not cheap. The sturdier the card stock, the more expensive it will get. Specialty stock, like plastic or metal, will cost even more.

Find a good compromise between price and quality, but at the same time, remember to keep an eye on your requirements. Do you really need the card to be that thick? Do you have a specific design or technical reasons to use engraved metal?

Business card by Oliver Beattie.

How to Save on Your Next Business Card Order 3

Printing on both sides of the card is also only necessary if you have a real use for it. If your layout requires a two-faced card, it’s more than natural to use the space at your disposal.

But don’t adapt your design just so you have something to fill the other side.

Business card by Honey Tree Publishing.

How to Save on Your Next Business Card Order 4

Mini-cards use fewer materials and are less expensive overall. They also never fail to make a positive impression on recipients.

This format is ideal for portability, so you will be able to bring more cards with you and people will find it more comfortable to carry them around.

Business cards by Rob Wilson.

How to Save on Your Next Business Card Order 5

Be realistic with the quantity. It’s true that ordering more cards often means getting a discount from printers, but also it could mean more money will need to be invested in material you might not be able to use.

If you’re expecting to distribute 200 cards, don’t order 1,000 “just to be on the safe side.” Your cards may get outdated after a while, too, and it’s better to restock than to order huge quantities at once.

You should also check the Web for online coupons made specifically for printing orders like this.

How to Save on Your Next Business Card Order 6

The above steps are just some of the most obvious examples on how you can make a nice card without worrying too much about the budget. Remember a golden rule to saving money is to keep things proportional to the typology and size of your business.

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  1. love the mini cards!

  2. grat tip on the black and white printing. oftern times a design can be achieved tha is equally as compelling as a colored design using only greyscale