How To: Style a Business Card
Six easy steps that will help you style your own stylish business card!

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Everybody exchanges cards, but if you want to be remembered, your card needs to truly remarkable!

There are several aspects that will affect how your business card will look and the impact it will have on its recipients. In this short guide, we want to share with you some simple tips to style your new card.

The basic rectangular card is the most popular choice, but these days you have a very large number of options.

Depending on your requirements and budget, you can find the right format for you among the many available. For example, if you are looking for something different from the standard, square and round cards are both very cool options.

One other popular option is to consider making a die cut card of a shape that will be truly unique! A different shape will almost guarantee your card stands our from the crowd.

TIP: If you are looking for a practical and cheap solution, mini cards are a valid alternative.

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Hype & Slippers

Photos and other graphics can make your card vibrant and exciting.

Consider the card’s size when selecting and adapting images to fit. If the card looks too cramped ¬†after adding your images, crop out everything you don’t need and focus on the most attractive details.

TIP: If you like an elegant and clean look, you can add a logo and other minimal ornaments instead of photos and illustrations. Many corporate cards just use a logo Рsometimes in very smart ways. Even the tiniest detail will be noticed in your card, so work on each element instead of trying to fit more into it.

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Rayz Ong and Lemongraphic

Depending on considerations such as your line of business, your clientele and your personal taste, you can create a card with as little as only black and white or adopt a complex color scheme.

Corporate businesses tend to employ a few somber colors, while artists often create bold palettes for their cards. If you are using photos and other graphics, you can refer to them to make a color scheme.

TIP: Although this article focuses on postcard color schemes, the color theory advice can be easily applied to your business card design!

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Brigitte LA

Type is not only about written information, but it can become a graphic element on its own. You will find plenty of examples of amazing cards that only use type.

The fonts you choose are very important and should match the overall look of the card. Feel free to mix several fonts, varying size and formatting, but keep in mind text should also be readable.

TIP: Serif and sans serif are both great and can be used in unique combinations. Some classics that will get you started are: Garamond, Bodoni and Mrs. Eaves for serif and Helvetica, Futura and Optima for sans serif.

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Business cards can be printed on almost anything, and selecting the right card stock or material is very important. Every material will produce a different result, so take the time to examine available options and determine what effect you are after.

Specialty stock includes a wide range of thick card types, but some people also choose plastic, metal and even edible materials!

Specialty stock can be quite expensive, but you don’t need to break the bank to make a good-looking business card. Simply try to get the best that your money can afford.

TIP: A thickness of 350gsm or above for card stock is usually recommended.

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Tag Collective

There are many additional extras to enhance the card, including finish, shape of the corners, letterpress or lamination and so on.

Both matte and glossy finishes are excellent when paired with the right style.

TIP: Glossy will work well with photos, while matte is more indicated if your card’s focus is on type.

Likewise, rounded corners are especially suited for cards with a modern design, and regular corners are for the classy-looking ones. Letterpress works particularly well with textured card stocks or to bring out the most in minimal cards.

TIP: There is no right formula for these additional features, so feel free to follow your personal taste.

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Your new business card should speak about you and your skills with immediate strength, but it should also be interesting to look at.

Making an attractive and effective card is very much a creative effort. Our guide explained some of the essential points to consider when designing, but it will be up to your creativity and effort to bring the card to life.

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