How To: Make a Business Card for a Lawyer
If you want someone to lawyer up, you'll have to give them an enticing business card.

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Lawyers are among the most consistent business card users. Why? Because it’s very important for lawyers to exchange contacts timely and efficiently, and a good business card is the only way to do that.

In this tutorial, I’ll share some great ideas and tips to make the best business card for people practicing law.

Keeping the design uncluttered is the first requirement as far as design is concerned. A clean, polished card is more persuasive than an all-inclusive but disorganized one.

Handle the available space wisely by using the front as a presentation and the back for detailed information.

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Graphics can be used to the card’s betterment, but their use should be discreet and balanced with the other elements of the card.

A personal logo or monogram with the right combination of type and color will be more than enough to fill the card without making it look messy.

How to Make a Business Card for a Lawyer 2

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Type is an important part of the card’s design. Bizarre, unusual and intricate fonts are OK for specific categories, like visual artists or designers, but they don’t usually suit a lawyer’s identity.

Basic or classic fonts will be the perfect choice. Two or three fonts can be used together to give the card flow and dynamism.

How to Make a Business Card for a Lawyer 3


Try to use no more than three to five colors. Most people prefer a light background with a dark type, but a dark background and a light type will be fine as long as you provide good contrast between the background and foreground.

Clients must be able to get a hold of you when they need to, so the card must contain the most essential information in a clear format.

Include a physical address, office and/or mobile phone numbers, a URL and your email. Mentioning other details, like specialization and area of interest, isn’t a requirement, but it may be of use to target a specific clientele.

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Sturdy stock is the preferred choice for business cards. The thicker the stock, the better. Sturdy card stock is durable and resistant, and it looks more professional.

Using textured stock is also a clever way to make the card stand out without overloading its design. Applying extra effects like custom dies or letterpress will also convey expertise.

This tutorial offers just a few of many cool ways to create an effective business card. Most lawyers go for a card that exudes professionalism and competence, so you’ll want to do the same.

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