How To: Make a College Brochure
If you want more students joining your university, give them a brochure they can't resist!

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A college brochure is one of the easiest ways for future students to pick the school that is just right for them.

Since this is an important life decision for young people, the brochure needs to be thoroughly planned out and carefully designed.

Here are some things to consider when making a brochure for a college.

If you’re going to include several images in the brochure, don’t just use generic stock photos. Select pictures that have relevance to the project.

Photos of the college’s infrastructure and facilities and of actual members of the institution in their environment will be more significant for readers than standard pictures.

How to Make a College Brochure 1

Brochure by Vinita Jakkal.

The brochure must come with sufficient information to give an overview of the institution, of its general lifestyle and atmosphere, of its courses, of people’s involvement in it and so on.

In brief, it should be easy for the students to make up their minds thanks to the illustration of the college’s distinctive qualities and options.

Use simple words that clearly reflect the character of the college in order to highlight its most relevant features, not only in terms of academic value but of livability.

How to Make a College Brochure 2

Brochure by Lionel Villatoro.

New students are full of expectation and enthusiasm. Reading the brochure will make them eager to start their future academic career. Giving them data in a formal format won’t be that attractive.

Keep their attention alive by using positive concepts in combination with fresh and modern design styles.

Using inviting graphics, engaging layout organization and captivating color schemes, you will give readers something worth looking forward to while informing them and making them conscious of their choice.

How to Make a College Brochure 3

Brochure by MetaDesign.

The goal is to be as thorough as possible.

Brevity and accuracy can be accomplished not only through effective words but also through short paragraphs, lists summing up important points and balanced arrangement of content.

How to Make a College Brochure 4

Brochure by Darlene Hawver.

Every applicant has different requirements. Even after reading the most informative brochure, people may still have questions.

The brochure should include contact details, such as the physical address, phone numbers, emails and links to the official website.

How to Make a College Brochure 5

Brochure by Sara Wittenburg.

Good college brochures are balanced and mixed with cool elements. Given the audience, combining fresh, cutting-edge looks with informative content is essential.

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