How To: Make a Halloween Costume Out of a T-Shirt
Costumes don't have to be expensive or overly complicated. Just use a T-shirt!

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Making a costume for Halloween can be a nightmare if you have no time or money to invest in it.

Read on because we are sharing some stellar tips to make a simple and cool costume in minutes.

Use a light-colored tee for this project. It’s better if it’s old and worn. If there are no rips and holes in the fabric, you can make them yourself with a pair of scissors. Precision isn’t necessary because the T-Shirt should look tattered.

Add fake blood stains and splatters by sprinkling red paint on the fabric, and let it dry before wearing your costume. Cool makeup will also help the final look.

How to Make a Halloween Costume Out of a T-shirt 1

Source: Beth Jusino

For this, you just need a long-sleeved black T-shirt and a few additional props: black bandana or head scarf, black pants and shoes, black fingerless gloves or arm bands.

Assembling the costume won’t take long, but don’t forget to practice your sly stare.

How to Make a Halloween Costume Out of a T-shirt 2

Source: Karl Gunnarsson

A good quality blank T-shirt, a printer with enough ink and some inkjet iron-on paper or fabric paints and brushes will be enough to complete this costume.

Create your tuxedo graphics, with jacket collar, bow tie and shirt buttons, in your favorite image editor, and then print and apply them on the fabric. If you prefer, paint directly on the fabric.

With gloves and a cane, you’ll turn into a real dressy gentleman. With hair pomade and a (fake?) cigar, you’ll be as cool as a gangster from the 20s.

We have a detailed tutorial on how to make a tuxedo T-shirt from scratch, so go ahead and check it out.


The first thing you will need for this is a ringer tee with black ribbing. For the text, you will need a printer and inkjet paper like for the tuxedo shirt (unless you’re an expert letterer and want to do it by hand).

In your image editor, write the “Vote For Pedro” slogan in bright red using the original Cooper Black font. Print and iron the graphic onto your ringer tee. This is a 100 percent irresistible costume. We promise!

How to Make a Halloween Costume Out of a T-shirt 4

Even the simplest costume requires some time to make it work. There are thousands of T-shirts available online that you can use as costumes. You’ll find all sorts of crazy options, from skeleton to superhero tees.

If you’re not the crafty type, you can get one of those and spend the rest of your time eating candy.

How to Make a Halloween Costume Out of a T-shirt 5

While the rest of your friends will be busy looking for expensive materials for their costumes, you’ll have a fun and affordable costume in no time thanks to our tips.

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