How To: Make a Jersey T-Shirt
Creating your own jersey is a unique way to show pride for your team or sport.

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Sports fans, did you know making a personalized jersey isn’t any harder than making a normal T-shirt?

Keep reading because this tutorial will show you how!

For this project, you need the right apparel. Unless you are willing to do a lot of cutting and sewing, I recommend buying a blank jersey.

Jerseys are available in a wide range of colors and varieties, and you will find one that is perfect for you in many apparel stores.

How to Make a Jersey T-shirt 1

To create your design, you will also need an image editor like GIMP (free), InkScape (free), Photoshop (paid) or Illustrator (paid).

If you want to print T-shirts by yourself, you will also need an inkjet printer with ink and transfer iron-ons compatible with it.

How to Make a Jersey T-shirt 2

In your image editor, create a document sized 8.5 inches by 11 inches, with a resolution of 300. If you want the jersey to have a front and back, create two identical documents, one for each side.

You will likely want a number, a logo or a name on the jersey, so choose a nice old-school font or one that is similar to the one used by your favorite team (try DaFont and FontSpace for starters.)

Match the color of the design with the jersey for the best effect.

How to Make a Jersey T-shirt 3

Home printing will be fine if you have a good inkjet printer and you are confident with it. Start by testing on plain paper to check the colors and print quality.

Feed the transfer iron-ons into your printer, one sheet for each side of the jersey.

With a warm iron, apply your design on the shirt, taking the time to place the iron-on carefully and smooth out any wrinkles. Peel the iron-on off after cooling.

How to Make a Jersey T-shirt 4

As an alternative, you can hand your design to a professional printer. If you have a reliable printer in your area, ask them if they offer this type of service. If they don’t, there’s no need to worry, as you can get your jersey from an online printer.

You will have to choose the model and color of the T-shirt, upload your personal design, make some minor adjustments to its size and placement and place your order. Some places that sell Jerseys with the possibility to add a custom design are Design A Shirt and Zazzle.

Choose the site that best suits your needs, one that has a T-shirt in your desired color and size, has the most convenient shipping rates to your location, accepts your preferred method of payment and so on.

How to Make a Jersey T-shirt 5

Jerseys are fun to make and wear no matter what the occasion is, and you don’t have to be a football fanatic to make your own!

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