How To: Make a Purrfect Pet Sitting Flyer
Creating a quality flyer doesn't have to be ruff!

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Pet owners going out of town for a while, whether it’s a day, a weekend or a holiday, are always preoccupied with finding someone reliable to take care of their beloved furry friends.

If you are ready to start promoting your pet sitting service, a flyer is a simple and effective way to get introduced and locate interested clients.  These simple tips will help you create a basic pet sitting flyer and will get you walking the dog, playing with the cat and feeding the fish in no time!

Your flyer can be as big as a poster or as small as a postcard. If you have specific needs, you should consider these when choosing your format.

Usually the standard 8.5 inches by 11 inches is great if you have no special requirements. This medium-sized flyer is good enough for being handed out, distributed in the mail or attached where people will see it. In your image editor, create a simple flyer with a vertical orientation and use these measurements.

For the clearest results, use a resolution of 300 pixels per inch and make sure your file is accurately prepped for print.

How To: Make a Purrfect Pet Sitting Flyer - Step 2

Images will add some interest to the flyer, so it’s always good to have them. Incorporate pictures that are specific to you and your service, so if you have your own photos, logo or other graphics, definitely include them.

However, make sure they are of high enough quality to look good on print.

Nice themed images (dogs, cats, fish, etc.) are very easy to find on free and paid stock image sites. Choose images that are focused and bright in color, and place them prominently in the flyer to make it more attractive.

How To: Make a Purrfect Pet Sitting Flyer - Step 2

What you write on the flyer will make a difference, so think about it carefully. The best rule is to give pet owners an impression of confidence and reliability.

You must promote your service as caring and attentive in a few, well thought-out words. Be brief and assertive, and clearly state what kind of services you are offering (for example, which kinds of pets you specialize in, your rates, availability, etc.)

Besides that, it is absolutely necessary to have contact details that will make it possible for people to reach you, like emails, phone numbers and, if you have any of these, links to your website and social media pages.

Additional information or content can be helpful and can take your awesome flyer to the next level when done correctly.

How To: Make a Purrfect Pet Sitting Flyer - Step 3

With contact tabs, people will be able to keep your information handy for when they need it, even if the flyer will be long gone. Tabs should only include the essential information — name, phone, email and website can all be on the tab.

We have a great tutorial on how to make a flyer with tabs, so check it out!

Remember tabs are a nice extra if you plan to attach the flyers in public places, but they won’t be needed if you plan on personally handing out flyers or sending them in the mail.

How To: Make a Purrfect Pet Sitting Flyer - Step 4

The most convenient option is to attach the flyer around your local area, making sure to choose places with some connection with your business. Vet offices, animal clinics and pet supplies stores are all perfect candidates.

In addition to these, you will be able to find a potential clientele around your neighborhood, parks, malls, restaurants and cafes that welcome pets. Think about other places where people who own pets usually hang out and spend some time working on how you can use your new flyers to reach them.

Remember to always ask for permission before attaching your flyer to a private business or handing it out to customers.

How To: Make a Purrfect Pet Sitting Flyer - Step 5

Flyers can be an excellent promotion tool, not only for enlarging your client base but also as an introduction to your pet sitting service.

A clear, well-designed flyer will put pet owners at ease and let them know exactly what kind of people will be taking care of their fuzzy family members in their absence.

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