How To: Make a Pool Party Flyer
Dive into the deep end of this guide and come out with a fantastic flyer!

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Summer is here, and with the steaming hot temperatures come also the fun times! To turn down the heat, a pool party is just what you need. But no party is complete without the right crowd, and for this you need to make a proper invitation.

To make your party successful, you can create a cool flyer that you will be able to distribute or attach around as a poster. If you weren’t a fan of any of our 13 cool pool party flyers, you’ll soon be able to make your own!

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make your summer pool party flyer in a few easy steps.

Start by creating a new document with the following measurements: 8.5” for the width and 11” for the length. Resolution should be set to 300 for printing. Choose a suitable name and confirm your choices to start working on the document.

Create a New Document

Using these settings will make sure your flyer is amazing once you print it.

Images are the strongest part of a flyer, so choosing the right ones will be extremely important. For this kind of flyer, you will need colorful images related to your pool theme. If you have time and are a capable photographer, you can take your own pictures. Otherwise there are various places you can go to for finding the images you need, including FreeImages, Morguefile and DeviantArt (free) or Fotolia, Dreamstime and iStockphoto (paid).

Find the Right Images

If you use DeviantArt, make sure to check if you’re allowed to use the image.

Use generic keywords like “pool,” “summer,” “party” and so on, or you can look for specific items like “lifebuoy,” “palms,” “cocktail” and so on if you already have a preference. The more precise you are with your keywords, the more precise the results will be. You can refine the search by choosing among photos and illustrations and other settings.

When you have the image you want to use, you can open it and copy it into your flyer document to make it your background. With transform tools (Edit>Transform) such as scale, distort and rotate, you can fit the image precisely to your flyer. Make sure no element that you find important in the image is too close to the borders, or it may be cut off when printing.

Add the Background

This flyer’s going to be so hot that every rubber ducky’s got to wear shades.

Using the flyer to attract people by making it fun is OK, but don’t forget to write all the necessary details for them to be able to join the party, such as the location of the event and the time.

Your guests also might have a few questions: Are there any restrictions to join? Is there an entry fee? What is the party about? Include a few contacts in case potential attendees want to ask you questions about your party.

Invite People

This flyer now has all the information anyone could need.

Most of the work should be done by now (it wasn’t hard, was it?), but there may still be a few things for you to check.

Final Touches

Paying attention to every detail makes a flyer go from good to great.

Make sure the text is readable. If it’s not, try changing the layout a bit and improve color contrast. Check that the information is correct. You don’t want people to show up for your party a day later, do you? Finally, make a few test prints on plain paper before your final draft to ensure all of your flyers will be printed correctly.

This wasn’t hard at all, was it? Now that you’re done with the party flyers, you just need to spread them around and get your swimming suit ready!

Edited in Photoshop CC. Stock image by snakstock.

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