How To: Make a Postcard That Becomes Something Else
Sending someone a postcard is nice, but it's even better when it's multifunctional!

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Today I’m showing you how to make a postcard that will surprise its recipients.

Follow these instructions and add your creativity to complete this project.

Find a type of stock that is suitable for the purpose, neither too flimsy (it won’t make a good-looking card) nor excessively sturdy (it will be harder to cut.)

Depending on the style of the postcard you wish to make and on the occasion, colored card stock can add some flavor to the overall design, but neutral colors like white, ivory or light gray can work as well.

How to Make a Postcard That Becomes Something Else 1

Cut the stock in a rectangle sized around 8 inches by 12 inches and fold it in half, with a firm crease dividing the longer sides in two. Make sure your crease is straight.

On the folded edge, create a flap by making two cuts equally distant from the center of about 1.5 inches.

How to Make a Postcard That Becomes Something Else 2

You can create your pop-up design by drawing directly on another piece of stock, or you can prepare it on the computer and then print.

If you prefer, you can use scrapbooking material or stock images instead of making your own artwork from scratch.

You can choose simple or elaborate graphics, depending on your taste and on the taste of the recipients. The simpler the shape of your design, the easier it will be to cut it out.

Make the graphics proportionate to the size of the postcard and of the flap.

How to Make a Postcard That Becomes Something Else 3

Cut out your pop-up artwork carefully. Lay down your card and open it. Push the flap forward and reinforce the creases formed by it. Attach your artwork to the flap with a sufficient quantity of glue being careful not to spill it.

If you wish, you can decorate the front of the card with a drawing or by attaching pictures or collages to it.

How to Make a Postcard That Becomes Something Else 4

As a final touch, you can write a message on the card. You can use colored pens, markers or use other scrapbooking materials.

Keep the message simple and make sure the pop-up won’t cover your words.

How to Make a Postcard That Becomes Something Else 5

You can adapt this kind of postcard to any occasion and time of the year. It will be a nice surprise for holidays, birthdays and other celebrations, or it can just be a unique greeting to a special someone.

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    Great idea, Katherine! With the right romantic touch, this could make a very special gift.