How To: Make a Poster for a Haunted House
You'll scare the pants off them before they even enter!

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The season for chills and thrills is upon us, and what’s more exciting than visiting a haunted house? How about hosting one?

To make the experience memorable and spooky for your visitors, I’ll show you how to make a poster worth screaming over.

Depending on your personality, you can choose to create your poster in color or black and white.

Printing in color is more expensive, which means people often prefer to go with black and white. Still, color will be more eye-catching, and if you don’t plan on printing hundreds of posters, your costs will be manageable.

How to Make a Poster for a Haunted House 1

In your image editor, create a document sized 11 inches by 17 inches. This kind of poster is fairly easy to attach and helps keep the expenses low.

Despite the small size, this poster is still large enough to be noticed.

How to Make a Poster for a Haunted House 2

You can use your own pictures or find some via the Web. You will find plenty of spooky imagery online.

Resize and adjust the image you selected and use the editor’s basic tools to modify color, brightness and contrast as necessary.

You can also create cool images with the help of layers and masking tools like they do for horror movie posters.

How to Make a Poster for a Haunted House 3

Carefully choose the fonts for your poster. People love fancy horror fonts, so take the time to look for some that will suit your project. The one I’m using in this tutorial is called Friday 13th and Creature.

How to Make a Poster for a Haunted House 4

The poster should have a great headline written in the most awesome font you can find so it will be easy to spot. The headline, along with the images, should send chills down your readers’ spines!

If you don’t want to be scary, you can be humorous and entertain your audience with a quirky caption.

How to Make a Poster for a Haunted House 5

Besides the headline, the poster should tell readers where and when the event is taking place. Add the address and opening times. If there are entrance fees, state those as well.

If you want to give visitors the opportunity to get in touch, don’t forget contact details like a URL, email address or social media links.

How to Make a Poster for a Haunted House 6

It’s your haunted house poster! Your guests are scared already.

Edited in Photoshop CC. Sample image by Karen Besant.

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